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Cat Eyes

Member Since 12 Jul 2010
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Concerned I Am Not Eating Enough On Gluten-Free Diet

30 September 2010 - 11:59 PM

Back in February I lost 25 lbs. due to an emotionally stressful event. Around the same time, I started a gluten-free diet due to experiencing symptoms of Celiac after eating grain based foods (my mom has Celiac so it runs in our family). The drastic weight loss caused a lot of other problems, the worst of which has been extreme hair loss.

For 3 months now I have been eating better, but I am finding it difficult to eat enough on a gluten free diet. Before going gluten-free my diet consisted mainly of grain products which are high calorie and vitamin fortified, and I never had problems maintaining a healthy weight or issues with hair loss. I have gained about 8 lbs. back by forcing myself to eat, but for the past two months my body has stopped gaining. I am stuck at 125 lbs. at 5'8.5". I am also concerned that I'm not getting the vitamins and minerals I need to help regrow my hair because it is still falling out at an alarming rate.

I really don't know what to do. I have cheated a couple of times and consumed grain products, but I normally feel bad after eating them. I have never been diagnosed Celiac but do experience a lot of the symptoms. I am finding the gluten-free diet very limiting and unappetizing, but I am too terrified to go back to eating grains for fear I'll make my issues worse.

Can anyone recommend some high-cal gluten free foods that I could eat? Also, how do you get additional nutrients when you're no longer eating vitamin fortified grain products?

A Lot Of Cavities And Gum Disease Caused By Celiac?

07 September 2010 - 06:14 AM

I went to the dentist last week, and I have 3 more cavities. This brings me to a total of 8 cavities, and I am only 24 years old. My dentist also said I have gingivitis that could result in peridontal disease down the line if I don't take excellent care of my teeth from now on.

My mom has Celiac Disease, and at 50 she has had over 18 cavities, crowns, caps, etc. She also has receding gums and will need a gum transplant eventually. My mom and I also have yellowish almost see-through teeth which I think is probably the result of thin enamel. My mom thinks that the Celiac has caused all these dental issues. My dad and my sister, who do not have Celiac Disease, have very white teeth. My sister, who is only a few years younger than me, has no cavities, and I take way better care of my teeth than she does.

Does anyone else have a lot of dental problems and does it go hand in hand with this disease? Or did I just inherit my mom's bad teeth?

Blood Test Negative - Should I Go Off The Gluten-Free Diet?

09 August 2010 - 10:20 AM

I recently went to the doctor and had bloodwork done. This is the second time I have been tested for Celiac in the past 5 years, and both times I came back negative. On a scale of 1-17, my TGA level was 5, which my doctor assures me is very low. However, she said that if I feel I am benefitting from the gluten free diet then I should stick to it.

The problem is that I'm having a hard time gaining weight on the diet. About 6 months ago I went through a really bad breakup and dropped 20 lbs due to lack of appetite. That weight loss caused my hair to start falling out, which I am told is quite common when your body isn't getting the calories it needs. My doctor has told me that in order to get well again, I need to start eating well and gaining the weight that I lost back. Unfortunately, I really feel limited by what I can eat on a gluten free diet. In the past month I've gained 6 lbs. back but that's only because I've been force feeding myself fattening foods like peanut butter and purposefully eating more calories than I need. I worry that once I start eating a normal amount again, the weight will once again drop off.

When I was on a non gluten free diet I had no problems gaining weight and had a very full, thick head of hair. However, I had problems like stomachaches, headaches, fatigue, dizzyness, etc. and a HUGE appetite. My mom has been diagnosed Celiac, and I have noticed that certain drinks/foods, particularly beer, cause my body to go haywire. To me, this evidence points to Celiac, or at the very least, a gluten intolerance.

Is it common to get negative blood tests but still have Celiac? Should I stick to a gluten free diet or eat what I want so I can gain weight again? I feel like I'm starving on this gluten free diet!

Thinning Hair, Chroic Yeast Infection & Other Issues - Help Please

12 July 2010 - 04:46 AM

My mom has Celiac Disease and even though I have not had a biopsy I am 99% positive that I have it too. I have been on a gluten free diet for five months now. About a year ago, I vividly remember having problems with dry, itchy scalp which I thought was just severe dander. I would literally scratch my scalp and little pieces of it would come off in my fingernails. Around the same time, I also started noticing that I was losing a lot of hair when I would blow dry and straighten. At the time I thought nothing of it because I have always had extremely long, thick hair. Now, a year later, I have 1/2 the hair I once had. I don't have bald spots, but it is very thin and lacks volume. I didn't notice how thin it had gotten until about 3-4 months ago.

On top of that, I have also had a yeast infection for the past year and a half that will not go away no matter how many times I treat it. I am worried about this too because chronic yeast infections could mean that the yeast in my body is out of control (which would also prohibit me from absorbing nutrients and could be causing the hair loss).

Can anyone tell me if they experienced hair loss and, if so, did it eventually grow back once you started the diet? I am terrified that I may have permanently damaged my hair by scratching/picking at my scalp and that my hair is gone for good! If it does grow back, how long will it take?

I'm only 24 years old, and I am so stressed, anxious and depressed because of all these problems related to Celiac.

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