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Member Since 13 Jul 2010
Offline Last Active Nov 25 2012 06:56 AM

#685797 So How Does This Work?

Posted by on 22 March 2011 - 12:42 PM


I am jsut sending you big huge hugs. I KNOW this neuro burning pain and I thought I had it bad, I cannot even imagine...I am so sorry that you are going through this and sincerely send ALL my best wishes that the gluten-free starts working FAST. I have been gluten-free for almost 7 months and have seen some improvement in the neuropathy and definitely the sleeping but it has been slow.
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#685724 Could It Be Possible To Cure Yourself With Diet?

Posted by on 22 March 2011 - 07:22 AM

hmmm...i didn't read the whole thing but celiac is not a food allergy, it is an autoimmune diesase where your body attacks itself. so, people are "cured" when they stop eating gluten but if you start again, you will have the same autoimmune response.
i know people often get relief from other condirions, like RA, when stopping gluten, RA is also autoimmune and these things can all be interconnected.
I think that a food allergy does not cause "long termdamage" to your body like celiac does, but I am no expert on allergies (nor celiac for that matter)
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#681314 Today At Work...

Posted by on 07 March 2011 - 07:20 PM

Butterscotch!!! Mint!!! Bring them on!
(i apparently miss brownies more than i let on it seems :) )
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#681292 Today At Work...

Posted by on 07 March 2011 - 06:01 PM

Do you want to make these? I can give the gluten-free version recipe. My son loves chocolate & mint brownies and he doesn't have to be gluten-free. It's easy.

Yes, I would love to :)
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#681287 Today At Work...

Posted by on 07 March 2011 - 05:46 PM

They were chocolatey and wheatey with a chocolate-mint glaze. They looked SO moist and rich, so I was asking the people eating them to describe them to me, so that I can vicariously live through these brownies :) Now, I was kidding, everyone knows I don't play the victim but man, these looked awesome. And somebody says to me "I don't know how you do it! You are so strong to not eat these" and I thought that there is no WAY I am risking my recovery for a stupid bronwie because 6 months ago when all the doctors and specialists had NO idea what was wrong and I was SO sick and getting SO skinny and my neuropathy was so bad and my depression and anxiety made me literally suicidal (thinking that if I took the whole bottle of ativan, i would just go to sleep forever), I thought for SURE I would end up in a wheel chair, I was crying saying I WOULD EAT CAT S*#T IF IT MADE ME FEEL BETTER. The memory of how sick I was, my whole family thought I was going to die, I actually didn't even want the brownie. Of course, I never shared this with my co-workers but it just reminds me of how awful this disease is! I never want to forget those days because I want to appreciate the good days and NEVER be tempted to have a brownie (or 12)
Later, a guy came up to me and said that if it made me feel better,he had Wendy's for lunch and then a brownie and that he wanted to puke...I told him I was sick of eating nuts and berries and he assured me it was actually a MUCH better way to go :)
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#680347 Do I Need The Endoscopy?

Posted by on 04 March 2011 - 01:13 PM

Hi I'm new to this board and I am confused about my test results -- and my doc wants me to have an upper endoscopy which I really don't want to do! Here are my abnormal results:

(tTG) Ab, IgA: >100
endomysial AB IgA: Positive
Endomysial AB Titer: 1:160

Is it possible these could mean something ELSE is wrong with me, or are these results specific to celiac? Are false positives a possibility?

How does having the endoscopy "confirm" the diagnosis? I don't want to have this procedure if it's not going to change anything.

I originally went to the doc one month ago (for chronic diarrhea), and he mentioned possibility of celiac, IBS, etc. I got lab work done and started doing the IBS diet and I'm feeling fine now, so I was sure it must be IBS. And now I get these results a month later that say I have celiac? Wouldn't I be getting sick after eating gluten if I had celiac?

I'm confused, I hope someone can answer some of my questions. Thank you! :)

Well well well, those are some pretty high results. What I ahve been able to find (because my TTG was >200) is that the false positives tend to be low and that there may be a correlation between damage to the villi and the TTG. My villi were totally atrophied and the Dr. could tell I was a celiac without even the biopsy results (although he went and took samples anyway that confirmed it). and The combo of TTG and EMA being positive, I would think you are the real deal. That being said, most Dr's want the biopsy to make a definitive diagnosis. Unfortunately, I don't know what the IBS diet is, so I can't really comment on it.
FWIW, I am a celiac with hardly ANY stomach symptoms, so because your stomach isn't upset doesn't mean that the damage isn't there. The GI Dr. siad I probably had this forever but I only started knowong there was trouble a year ago and I am now 42!
Good luck!
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#680012 If I Have Celiac And Ibs...

Posted by on 03 March 2011 - 11:07 AM

When my blood test results came back positive, my doctor mentioned he thinks there might be more than one thing going on...possibly a combination of celiac and IBS.

So I guess what I'm wondering is: on an elimination diet, you're supposed to eliminate all but a few "safe" foods for about 4 days or until your symptoms go away, and then add in some other foods. But if I have IBS, which I don't think is necessarily triggered by SPECIFIC foods...will I even GET to being symptom free on the elimination diet?

Well, since doctors don't know what causes IBS, I think it may be possible for IBS to actually be sometimes undiagnosed celiac disease. You won't know until you try, everybody is different.I would give the diet a chance, since you really have to give up the gluten anyway.
Good luck!
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#676984 What Do You Do?

Posted by on 20 February 2011 - 06:26 PM

This is fun! I am an Operations Manager for a Biotech company. No human kids, 2 orange cats, married almost 20 years (how did THAT happen). We live in Southern Ontario, Canada...my biggest hobby is photography which has been on hold since I thought I was dying and am just struggling to get better, day by day...
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#676733 My Doctor Refused To Test For Celiac

Posted by on 19 February 2011 - 05:56 PM

It runs in my family and rather than test me- she suggested I just try the diet. Well, I'm trying it *5 days in* I feel AWFUL. I asked a second doctor yesterday to test and she said the same thing and about what an inconvenience for me test would be (apparently a biopsy of my intestine).

Is this normal or is it time I find an entirely new practice?

Hmmm. I presume you have had other testing to rule out other causes of illness? There are blood tests that she can start with and the biopsy which is NO inconvenience at all...When I first went gluten-free (and I am a blood work AND biopsy confirmed celiac with no GI symptoms but mostly neurological) I felt like I was getting the WORST flu ever. Wow. If I felt like death on gluten, it was death-plus gluten free. Apparently, there CAN be withdrawal effects. I am now 5 months in, putting on weight, my vitamin levels are getting better and many days I still feel like crap. But many days I feel better, so I'll take it.

If I was in your shoes, I would want the testing. Unfortunately, it CAN come back negative and you still may be helped with the gluten-free diet, this has happened to MANY people here. However, I would still want to start there. If you can get a definite diagnosis, it may make the whole gluten-free thing easier. Again, because I was such a strange case, I don't think I would have ever gone this route if the neurologist I saw for my neuropathy didn't run is as part of a ton of autoimmune tests to rule stuff out. Celiac was the last thing they were expecting. So, it does make it a little easier to not question why am I doing this when my guts seem just fine...
Good luck! If you have classic GI and other celiac symptoms and really can't be tested by the Dr.,give the diet some time and you may be surprised.
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#675324 It's Official, Gluten Must Be Labelled!

Posted by on 14 February 2011 - 06:15 PM

I'm so angry at the ignorance of people out there who have obviously never had to deal with food allergies or intolerances or Celiac. I'm thrilled about these new requirements and participated in a letter writing campaign to get our government to take action. But reading some of the comments posted in response to various news articles about these new laws just makes me so angry.

Comments like these:
Please grow up and take responsibility for your own health! If you have a potential allergy then educate yourself to that allergy! Do not put the responsibility of your health on somebody else. It is time North Americans took on more of their fair share of the responsibility than everybody else. We are becoming a society of "not my fault"!

Or this one:
who cares , this again is the small interest group who has nothing better to do than make other people suffer because the can't eat certain foods.i cant have a peanut butter sandwich because one pearson is allerigic to it . And the media reporting this shows that they have nothing better to report on . Wake up people get a life

And this:
i don't need a label to tell me not to. but for gluten? OMG What the hell did they think it was made of? Will bread now require gluten warnings as well? how about a bag of flour? How about we just tattoo STUPID across the foreheads of these people so the rest of us can be warned?

And this:
This crap about allergies is being carried to ridiculous levels. I suppose a loaf of bread will now have to indicate that it has gluten, a jug of milk will now have indicate that it has lactose. It seems now that everyone who has gas now is running around saying they have lactose or gluten allergies. We have a society of hypochondriac whinners.

Grrr. The one about taking responsibility PIZZES me off. We AREt rying to take responsibility and all we are asking is to LABEL THE STINKING products!!! Don't ban them, don't need to segregate them in the store, please just let us read what is in the product. This shouldn't be too hard, the manufacturer should KNOW already. And if they don't, do you really want to eat ANYTHING they are providing?
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#674061 Any Canadians With Metro Stores

Posted by on 09 February 2011 - 06:47 PM

Have you tried their Irresistibles brand of gluten-free products? I tried the Mac & Cheese - not a bad imitation of Kraft Dinner! And not super expensive either!

Not yet! They had them in the flyer, so I am excited!
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#674039 Any Canadians With Metro Stores

Posted by on 09 February 2011 - 05:46 PM

I received a newsletter from the local Celiac assoc. and they included a link to the newest Metro FLyer and the store brand has a whole gluten-free section in the flyer. Well Done Metro!

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#673763 Sore Throat As A First Sign Of Glutening

Posted by on 08 February 2011 - 03:44 PM

i had a sore throat for months and a burning tongue and just realized right now that my tongue feels normal and my throat doesn't hurt!
i am just over 5 months gluten-free...
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#670454 I Cannot Believe What I Just Ate

Posted by on 25 January 2011 - 04:42 AM

and of course, it wasn't a chocolate BOAR but A chocolate BAR.
as big as a boar but nonetheless, a BAR.
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#663964 Silent Celiac Disease

Posted by on 29 December 2010 - 07:56 PM

Sorry for the diagnosis, especially since you weren't looking for one.I was diagnosed in September with blood test and biopsy. I ONLY started getting symptoms in February which were horrible neuropathy and depression with some weight loss. I am very tall and not skinny, no reason to believe that there was anything wrong with me before Feb.and my diagnosis was a total fluke in ruling out stuff, one of the things they tried to rule out was celiac! I saw a host of specalists and none of them could believe the weird symptoms I had ( i mean, absolutely NO stomach problems) and basically said to call a dietician and good luck, see ya. However, my GI suspects I have had this a LONG time. Too bad I didn't get diagnosed sooner, I am still really suffering from when this all came crashing down in Feb.
Just because you have no symptoms now does not mean that you will be that way forever...My advice? Ditch the gluten. Everyone is different and we can't tell you how long it will take to get sick or what will happen but you are still doing damage to your body every time you ingest gluten. Your body is attacking itself.
I know it isn't what you wanted to hear :(
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