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Member Since 13 Jul 2010
Offline Last Active Nov 13 2012 10:21 AM

Blog Entries

wheeleezdryver's Blog > Talked To My Bishop (Update On My 'a Few Good Phone Calls' Blog)

Posted 01 December 2010

I heard back from my bishop. here's a link to the blog I posted about when I first talked to him.

He said he did talk to his DIL, she says she takes the smallest peice of bread on the plate. Apparently she supposedly can also manage one oreo once in a while... she is trying...

wheeleezdryver's Blog > My Neighbor Just Brought Me A Cake..... Oy Vey...

Posted 01 December 2010

You know how the grocery stores/ bakeries donate any unsold bakery items to charity??
(trust me, years ago, I benefitted from this a few times).

My neighbor (who doesn't know I have a gluten/ dairy intolerance... I haven't told very many people).

Anywho, i guess she was at a church today, and they had some of these items. (why she was doing...

wheeleezdryver's Blog > Adventures In Gluten Free Cooking... My 1St Attempt At Gluten-Free Chicken Pot Pie

Posted 17 November 2010

A couple days ago, I happened to catch part of Dr Oz while flipping thru channels, and they shared this recipe:


I thought, 'ohhh that sounds good, I can probably adjust it to gluten-free'-- i mean, it's *only* the crust that needs to be changed (never having made pot pie before,...

wheeleezdryver's Blog > Doughnut Shops Are Evil :)

Posted 09 November 2010

I drive for a friend who is visually impaired. Today, on the way to her work, she needed to go to the bank. After the bank, she wanted to walk across to the doughnut shop next door & pick up a couple doughnuts... can you where this is going??...

She can walk from the bank to the doughnut shop okay...normally when she needs to go to the bank, I...

wheeleezdryver's Blog > My Introduction

Posted 08 November 2010

Hi, I'm Becky, I'm 34 years old. I live in Western Idaho.
The main parts of my story are in my siggy, but thought i'd share here, too :).
Spring 2004 i was dx'd w/ hypothyroidism (at age 27. (i remember going online after that & reading that some Drs wouldn't even test a person under 30... I'm sooo glad the dr i had at that time...

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