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Member Since 02 Feb 2005
Offline Last Active Feb 08 2005 05:01 AM

Topics I've Started

A Celiac's Guide To Nyc

06 February 2005 - 10:06 AM

Since we were talking about this on the McD's and BK post, I thought I'd start a new one to continue that . . . I'll only be there for 4 days, but at least eating won't be an issue for once in my life! :D Looking forward to the indulgence! :P

Anyway, here's a good site:


The descriptions really give you a good idea about them.

Anyone have any others?


Genes -- Are You Cd Positive?

04 February 2005 - 10:42 PM

I was just reading the HLA types that are responsible for celiac disease, and then dug mine (printout of my genes) out of my file drawer (I have them because I was tested for a bone marrow transplant). They listed several HLA types on the site I was reading, and say that almost everyone with celiac disease has one of those in the first group, but the few that don't almost always have this other one. Be darned if I don't have both -- one in the first group, and also the one that is the "back-up!" :o Unbelievable, huh? Guess I was just bound to get celiac disease.

So I was wondering how many also have the gene that causes celiac disease, or if you were tested?


This Is Too Funny!

03 February 2005 - 09:43 PM

I called the airline the yesterday -- getting ready for a trip. After making the reservation, I needed to order my gluten-free meal. The guy on the phone told me that he would scan the list for that, and asked if while he looked, I would explain what gluten was. After I gave him a quick definition, he said, "Oh, here it is, and that makes more sense. I always thought it was "glutton-free," for people who were gluttons and ate too much." I couldn't stop laughing! Still chuckling today.


New Here --

02 February 2005 - 05:46 PM


I'm new here, but unfortunately, not new to celiac disease. I've been diagnosed for about 10 years.

I was a scrawny kid, underweight my whole adult life, and often sick. I suffered from infertility, and after finally getting pregnant each time, I would have a miscarriage (4 total). Still knowing nothing about celiac and having no doctors who could diagnose why all the infertility and miscarriages, I did the only thing I could think of and went to an all-organic, all-whole-foods diet (and obviously got rid of refined, processed foods, such as flour). After just a year, I got pregnant without any help (okay hubby did his part! LOL!), and sailed through that pregnancy without a hitch. A few years later, though, I fell off the "health-foods" kick, and was sick for many more years until diagnosis. (I didn't seem to get the connection between it all, for whatever reason.) OK, finally about 10 years ago, I read about celiac disease and insisted my doctor test me. Positive, of course. Since then I'm doing very well. The cooking is no longer a challenge, but I like to travel a lot, and eating out is difficult, especially if I'm NOT in a big city with gluten-free restaurants.

Glad to have found the board, and look forward to "meeting" everyone.

(Hey, how come I can't do things like put up my photo? Do I have to be here a while or something? It said I can't have access to that part of the board.)


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