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In Topic: Do You Pee A Lot?

30 August 2010 - 06:05 AM

Yes, I have always had this problem. Good to see other mention intersticial cyctitis as this is what I was thinking too.
I have had IC most of my life. Some do believe this is also an autoimmune disorder.
More recently I met with a doc (a neurologist) who said some now believe IC is not it's own condition but probably part of another.
I believe this for sure!
My bladder issues often flair up with other symptoms such as sinus inflammation, rectal inflammation, joint pain, fatigue etc.
I have learned to control my bladder problems the same as I have all my other symptoms which is through diet.
Since I have been doing the gluten challenge ... I have noticed I am peeing a whole lot more .. having to get up in the middle of the night etc.
What I think is happening is I am having some bladder inflammation due to what I have been eating.
Along with my bladder symptoms I am also have left side pain which I think is coming from my colon and joint pain.


In Topic: Nighttime "accidents"

30 August 2010 - 05:57 AM

I have been gluten -free for about 2 years and dairy free for less than a year after developing "intolerances" in the year following colon resection. I take the probiotic PB8 regularly. For the past couple of months it seems as though i have a BM any time I use the bathroom. Many times, it is diarrhea, sometimes it is like mud, and sometimes it is tiny pieces. Sometimes, it floats, other times it does not. (It does not get light colored)(Sorry, TMI, I know!) Sometimes during the night I evidently pass some gas and with it stool. This doesn't happen every night. After having to clean up some messes, I have taken to wearing adult diapers at night.

Does anyone else experience this during sleep? Thanks.

I do not have this problem but have known of some that have.
Some of the time the problem is not just gluten and or dairy but all grains and other types of carbs.
Have you considered the SCD (specific carb diet)?
Here is some info:

In Topic: Heel Pain

27 August 2010 - 02:57 PM

I have a couple of thoughts, but guessing not knowing more information:

1. If you have Celiac, and not absorbing, you body will go for food where it can find it. Your bottom, the heels of your feel or other fatty parts, can feed your starving body. I have had a lifetime of suffering from "noassital". :rolleyes:

2. Not gluten related, but do you where flip flops? They are awful for your feet, and can generate the type of pain you described.

3. Fibromyalgia is associated with unchecked Celiac Disease.

4. Are you taking cholesterol lowering meds?

No I don't wear flipflops (anything in between my toes makes me nauseaus) also, I can only tolerate certain types of shoes due to nerve issues.

No medication at all.

In Topic: Intentional Glutening

27 August 2010 - 02:17 PM

The lesions with celiac are very similiar to the lesions in MS but they do not surround the myelin sheath. Nor do they produce the debris in the spinal fluid that is looked for with MS. I was at thought to have MS for quite some time but when they did my spinal tap the neuro was really surprised because the fluid was clear. Celiac can also cause seizures, I had them prediagnosis.
If you do a search using the word neurological and celiac you may be surprised what comes up.

I have searched all of the symptoms other than the GI symptoms.
And I really wonder ... how many w/ MS, epilepsy, and a number of other conditions are wrongly DXd or not adequately DXd.

I am so hoping for confirmation of celiac disease ... it would explain so so much. More than what I have already mentioned.


We'll see I guess.

In Topic: Intentional Glutening

27 August 2010 - 05:54 AM

When you say lesions are you referring to brain lesions or skin lesions?
If you are referring to skin lesions and they are DH lesions that is celiac and a definate diagnosis.

As to the ataxia, yes there are many causes of balance issues. However if someone has ataxia and UBO's on an MRI that is pretty specific to gluten ataxia.

I was mostly referring to brain lesions.
I am just learning about the DH and will ask you more about that later.

As you know I am just learning more about celiacs ... very interesting to learn of all the symptoms other than gastro.
But RE ataxia & UBOs, I find it very interesting that it occurs with celiacs, but this combo of symptoms can also occur with other conditions such as epilepsy, chiari malformation (some w/ chiari have other conditions that cause the UBOs I think), multiple sclerosis and so on. And I would think that a UBO itself can sometimes cause ataxia ... I would guess if the lesion was on the cerebellum it could possibly do so.

But you know, you have really got me thinking about all of the folks I know that do have both ataxia & brain lesions. Some of their DXs include MS, epilepsy chiari etc ... I am really wondering if the etiology for some of these other chronic conditions may possibly be secondary to gluten intolerance.
I will have to take a closer look later and see.

Thanks for your input ... very very helpful.


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