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Member Since 18 Jul 2010
Offline Last Active Feb 09 2011 06:29 AM

#644680 Feeding "normal" People

Posted by on 07 October 2010 - 04:07 PM

Ummm...On the potato bar? Don't forget the bacon :)
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#643515 Experience And Service At Outback Steakhouse

Posted by on 01 October 2010 - 07:52 PM

First off, the waitress was knowledable and patient with me. When I finally figured out what I could have (printed out a gluten-free list for outback) she told me they have a dedicated fryer that gets fresh oil every day, for their frenchfries and to ask for no seasoning. I did not ask for fries but she offered the info and since their hamburger is 100% pure... I now know I can have a burger and fries there.

A while later, the manager who I hadn't seen before comes and tells me they are taking special care with my meal to be sure it is gluten-free. They would not want me to become ill so they are reading the recipe cards. ANOTHER manager comes with my meal and tells me everything is gluten-free and asks if he could do anything for us.

They have a gluten-free desert. A flourless brownie made in a pan dusted with sugar! It was to die for, I thought I had died and went to heaven. The waitress again was knowledgeable about what could and could not be included in that desert. Coolwhip is not to be added.

I was so impressed. They took good care of me, They got the managers involved and did not at all make me feel funny for having an allergy. They understood the allergy and accomidated my needs happily.

It was the most satisfying meal I have had since going gluten-free. I am going to write a letter to them telling them how impressed I was with their service. Waitress got a nice fat tip :)

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#643033 Made In A Facility That Also Processes Wheat

Posted by on 29 September 2010 - 02:42 PM

Depends on what it is I suppose. I might buy something I REALLY want if it says processed in a facility that process wheat. That could mean in a completely different building. I do not buy it if it says processed on equipment that processes wheat.
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#641816 Food Pantry Issues

Posted by on 24 September 2010 - 11:14 AM

Ken, Do you have an HEB by you out there? I just got a $20 gc in the mail if you can use it, I will send it. They sell gluten-free stuff. Their HCF brand is gluten-free so you could buy like gluten-free pasta and some sketti sauce. Stuff like that lasts a while!
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#640538 How Can We Have A Life?

Posted by on 18 September 2010 - 07:33 PM

Living a different life isn't the same as not having one. I had to back up and start over. I rarely eat anything other than what I make myself. I trust nothing. I read everything.

It kinds stinks sometimes because at each party we attend, I bring my own salad, my own fruit..even my own silverware. But you know.... Let them eat their gluten laden fat filled greasy foods. The more weight I loose, the less awkward I feel about bringing my own food. My tea has no calories, Their alcohol has many calories. I have learned to be OK with it.

You live in a food bubble for your own sake. The better I feel the less I worry about bringing food everywhere and I do bring food everywhere. I was even called on it during my sons football game. *no outside food mam*. "well" I said, "Guarantee me you have gluten free options over in your grease pit consession stand and I will consider buying it.' He left me alone to eat my watermelon.

Hang in there. we will find our groove. Until then, it's trial and error. At first I went nuts with gluten-free carb items. BIG MISTAKE. I hardly buy anything specifically gluten-free anymore. I stick to naturally gluten-free items. I will go to american cookie company for my chewy chocolate supreme. That is my treat.

Sooooo I say.... have things on hand to go where ever you go. wash your hands if touching bread sets off your allergy, and do the best you can until we learn exactly what we can do and what we cant.

hang in there!!
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#640324 For Crying Out Loud

Posted by on 17 September 2010 - 05:46 PM

I like the "overwhelm them with the obvious" answer to "what do you eat", especially when I say I'm gluten and dairy free, and have had to eliminate a number of things for my baby's reflux.

"Oh, you know. Chicken, fish, beef, pork, eggs, carrots, zucchini, peas, bean sprouts, bananas, apples, oranges, pears, mangos, avocado, rice, corn, quinoa, millet, lentils, beans..."

(by the time I get this far, whoever asked the question is usually doing some sort of "ok, ok... I get the picture, you can stop now". and they usually look a little shamefaced for asking. :P )

From one Tiff to another, I am hankerin for some chocolate. Oh and I love the idea of listing everything in nauseating detail.... and keep talking if they try to walk away. I mean they DID ask, right? :)
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#640184 Do You Expect Relatives To Cater To Your Gluten-Free Diet?

Posted by on 17 September 2010 - 07:18 AM

Personally and this is only me, I actually request no special treatment be made. When I eat somewhere like a family event, I take responsibility for my own dietary needs. When I went to Colorado for 4 days, I sent a box of my own food and with that, worked around what mom cooked.

Your family is far more accomindating than most would be. I would have had guilt over that but that's just me. I don't want to be made a fuss over.

If your sweet babygirl has a favorite cereal, I would feel obligated to supply it and send it when she goes somewhere overnight.

You are blessed. Sounds like a wonderful family you have. I would be sure you keep on hand things your daughter can have and always be prepared to take it anywhere.
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#635219 Guess What Guess What!

Posted by on 27 August 2010 - 06:56 PM

Lucia, what is SIBO?
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#635218 Guess What Guess What!

Posted by on 27 August 2010 - 06:56 PM

Mushroom- Not entirely. I will make like a banana bread and eat a piece (rice flour) once a week. I made pizza the other night and ate several pieces but that is the only grain carb I've had all week. I've given up all the waffles, pancakes, bread, crackers etc. I find I don't really miss them though.

Now things like potato, although carb, do not react in my body like grain carbs do. I eat a LOT of potato. Usually baked. One every other day maybe. I also eat carrots. I seem to have no problem from veggie carb, only grain carb. *shrug* Im not going to try to understand why lol. If it works, I'm stickin with it!
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#635073 Guess What Guess What!

Posted by on 27 August 2010 - 06:45 AM

I have not had a cramp, emergency potty trip or bout of D in 5 days!!!

gluten-free, carb and sugar light. 1 librax at night (can't take it 3x a day. It has valium in it and that just throws me for a loop), 1 probiotic in the morning.

When I mean carb light I mean really light. I am mostly back to whole foods, eggs, boarshead bacon, beans, lean meats, Lots of veggies, watermelon (other fruits kinds tear up my mouth). I have also been dairy light but not on purpose. Not sure if that means something.

I am just so happy that I have been able to go to the store without praying someone isn't in the bathroom!

Oh and I've lost 11 lbs in the past couple of months.

Oh I have been dxed with High blood pressure but on meds for that now too.
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#633388 *sigh* Went To The Gi, More Confused Than Ever

Posted by on 20 August 2010 - 01:31 PM

Since I've had this for so long (30 yrs) the likelyhood that it IS *just* IBS is very high. Because if it was something more severe, I would have been *moved* to seek medical care.

#1 in my early adulthood I was told to eat 'right' and I wouldnt suffer. (LIE)
#2 I just dealt with the pain because I didn't know better
#3 I didn't have insurance.
#4 Im here now.. hellllooooo

Thanks Doc.

I asked why my headaches, muscle aches and over all brain fog has been better since gluten free she said that many none GI ppl benefit from gluten free. I asked why I was still having gastro problems, but not as many. She said that it was more likely carbs and not gluten persey. She said carbs turn to sugar then turns to gas and aggrevated my IBS

WHAT is causing the IBS? "We really don't know"

Ok.. Why do I have a reaction to gluten (and large amts of corn) 30min after eating. She told me that everyone has the the physiological response in their gut to evacuate after eating. MINE was just on overdrive. but but but.. it doesn't happen every time I eat.

So... She drew blood, scheduled the colonoscopy and put me on an antispasmotic and a probiotic/fibre therapy plan.

She was really nice but to say I had IBS because that's what Ive always had and it never got bad enough to seek attention upset me. I suffered GREATLY because I couldnt afford to go to the dr. I bet this sounds familiar to some of you. I will see what the scope and bloodwork crops and go from there. She said she will take biopsy if something looks off. Howabout you take a biopsy and test it against allergens? That IS what I want really. right? grrrr
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#633097 Do Any Of You Wear A Med Bracelet?

Posted by on 19 August 2010 - 12:18 PM

Thank you for your responses. I was just curious :) I am allergic furanol but when I tell medical personal that, they have never heard of it! I don't think it's prescribed anymore.
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#633091 Do Any Of You Wear A Med Bracelet?

Posted by on 19 August 2010 - 12:00 PM

I was wondering how important it is that someone knows this allergy if your unconscience.
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#633056 Do Any Of You Wear A Med Bracelet?

Posted by on 19 August 2010 - 10:21 AM

I was just wondering if any of you wear a medical alert bracelet for your food allergies.
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#632769 This Is All So Totally New To Me..

Posted by on 18 August 2010 - 11:51 AM

Oh and with 4 kids, sports etc.. we are always on the go too. I just have to do more planning than normal and either eat earlier or use the crockpot and eat late with more snacks. I have to be much more conscience at the grocery store. Easy on the go snacks are SO easy but full of crap. Find a fruit or veggie they love and keep that on hand. Easier than fighting them over something they don't
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