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#747367 Sarcasm About Celiac

Posted by on 14 November 2011 - 05:34 AM

What really pissed me off about the reactions I have gotten are from my graduate program. I was told by my adviser that it was inappropriate for me to ask about whether or not I would be able to eat what they were providing at the new student lunch. Even though I didn't ask them to change anything. He said that it was too stressful for them to accommodate everyone's dietary needs. It still pisses me off. I was also questioned this fall if I should be in the field I am in given that I have celiac when I talked to my supervisor at school about how to address the issue with my internship. So this was my bad experiences.

Too stressful , he should get celiac disease than he would know what stressful dietary needs are . Your adviser must be very annoying . Hope you get things sorted :)
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#739954 It's Annoying!

Posted by on 19 October 2011 - 11:50 AM

Someone else above mentioned family members eating gluten-free to support someone. Well my husband eats gluten-free with me at home and he often will eat gluten-free with me at restaurants too. However, he doesn't go around telling people he is on a gluten-free diet, because he's not really. He tells people he likes to eat gluten-free to support me, but he can have gluten whenever he wants. That's different than telling people, "oh I can't have that bread because I'm on a gluten-free diet," and then eating a (non-gluten-free) cookie for dessert. Or a tennis player that abstains from gluten in order to play well and then brags about having a gluten feast on purpose after his match is over. Those people send mixed messages to the general public about gluten free and are the reason (IMO) that some people may not think gluten is a serious health risk to anyone and is just a fad. Again, I don't care about people doing it for a fad so long as they admit they are doing it for a fad and that other people have serious health reasons for avoiding gluten. If fad gluten-free dieters want to have gltuen every now and then they shoudl not say they are on a gluten-free diet but should say they eat a "low gluten diet" or something else besides a gluten-free diet.

Very good post :) The examples you mentioned about can't have bread but than eat gluten are very annoying . I have talked to some people at parties about being celiac and gluten free and they say quickly well I can't have dairy in a way that makes there food problems sound worse than celiac , and than later on I see them eating dairy food , I find it very strange . Also the tennis player who brags about eating gluten is a very annoying player , I agree they send out the wrong message to the public . The fad dieters annoy me the most that would be a good idea calling it a low gluten diet . I think I might just tell people I'm on the celiac disease diet instead of gluten free diet .
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#736945 Making Fun Of Gluten Issues On New Cbs Show

Posted by on 07 October 2011 - 12:44 PM

Wow that's very stupid joke :( Really no need for something like that .

I think celiac disease is treated as a joke , with all the celebs and athletes going " 50 % gluten free " . Makes it worse . Hopefully know more pathetic jokes will be made about gluten free . I find a lot of tv programs joke about gluten or give the idea to the public it's not serious .

If only we could pass on celiac disease to the people who make fun it would be great :P
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#718902 Something I Find Frustrating

Posted by on 26 July 2011 - 02:12 PM

I'm one who believes that most humans, even those not suffering from celiac disease, could benefit from cutting back on gluten. I do understand that the current gluten free fad appears to trivialize the gluten intolerant or celiac situation, but it's just that - a fad. It will go away. But without the raised awareness in the last couple years I doubt I would have found out what was causing dizziness that had plaqued me for years. I would wager to say that it's the same for many. And for that I am grateful.

I agree with the first part . But I think a lot of people who cuts out beers , cakes and all the other junk gluten foods will feel better but not because they had a problem with gluten but because they are eating more healthy. I hope the fad will go away :D I find it very hard to believe celebrities go gluten free for a week and feel so much better and have lost a lot of weight . I'm glad you found out what caused your problems :) With celebrities I read how they want to make there gluten free range yet I don't believe some of them really know anything about gluten free :( It's great if they raise awareness but I never find any celebrities who really want to talk and it frustrates me lol.
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#712654 Celiac Disease ?

Posted by on 28 June 2011 - 12:47 PM

I hope your testing turns up something. And even if you are not feeling better yet maybe you will turn a corner soon. Just avoid the idiot that doesn't know what celiac disease is. ;)

Thanks , hopefully things improve soon :) I will do :D
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#712611 Celiac Disease ?

Posted by on 28 June 2011 - 09:31 AM

Celiac is greatly misunderstood--even in the medical community. :blink: So, the "average joe" is clueless. Is this person a friend, co-worker, family? if so, maybe they need to be educated about celiac disease?

we could send Richard over to kick some butt :) )

OR-- :)

You COULD say...."Celiac IS a disease, but I know how to treat it by eating gluten-free....unfortunately, I think your stupidity is incurable." <_<

That should do it. ;)

I like "Celiac IS a disease, but I know how to treat it by eating gluten-free....unfortunately, I think your stupidity is incurable." if anyone says anything bad too me about celiac disease again I will reply with this :D
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#712609 Celiac Disease ?

Posted by on 28 June 2011 - 09:28 AM

Thanks everyone for the replies and advice :)
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#664386 Feeling Annoyed

Posted by on 31 December 2010 - 08:37 AM

im sorry you're hitting a rough patch- i can relate in some way.... i actually feel quite fine now with Celiac and eating gluten free and with whatever reactions people have.

However-> i am starting to hit a rough patch because of all the ADDITIONAL food intolerances... now THAT is getting real old <_< .. it would be super fantastic if removing gluten would fix all my problems... i am having a tough time feeling crampy from other things (like fructose/fructans, excess dairy, excess coffee/tea, soy, corn, legumes) OY VEY
and its hard to deal with while at work, or wanting to be social... or hearing from coworkers- "wow, can u eat anything? it sucks to be u".... :(

hope you feel better soon!!!

Sorry about the additional food intolerances they are very annoying :( That must be hard to hear comments like that :( Some people laugh at why I have to avoid Gluten and extra foods , it feels like it's a funny joke to everyone except me :S Them kinda of people are so annoying and say such stupid things. Now when they say something stupid I get angry in my head and it makes it worse oh well never mind , maybe 1 day there will be a cure for celiac disease and other food intolerances :)
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#662624 Gluten Free And The Holidays

Posted by on 23 December 2010 - 07:09 AM

I feel sorry for both of you :(

hal2me I feel angry reading your post, it's really bad your MIL thinks you are rude because you can't eat the food. It's ridiculous how bad some people can be :angry: For christmas you should buy your in-laws a book about celiac disease :P

Happy Christmas :)
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#662454 Endoscopy

Posted by on 22 December 2010 - 02:31 PM

I tried answering yesterday but my computer was weird. Now keep in mind I'm changing doctors because this one hasn't done anything to help me since i moved to a new state in August. My old GI in NJ wanted me to have a capsule endoscopy as soon as I moved and the new GI wouldn't order it. After being in intense pain since August I put my foot down. That's what showed the ulcer. Then he ordered an EGD and when I saw him in the office he told me about IBS. He's never given me any guideline, diet instructions (IBS has additional dietary restrictions). I know that we do most of the legwork but I feel he though I was just looking for pain meds (which I never asked for and don't take because I want to know what's triggering the pain). My husband's co-worker goes to the new GI I'm going to see and says he'll spend an hour or as long as you need talking to you and will try anything you find in addition to what they know to help you.
It took my husband's friend 2 years to really get the IBS in check so I figure with my combination of problems it might take me longer. I'm a fighter so I'm going to conquer this!

I hope you're feeling better and have gotten over the sedation. Feel free to PM me with any questions or just to vent. I'm a relative newbie but I'm an avid researcher.

Loey Posted Image

No problem :) Sounds like your doctor is stupid :( I hate when the doctor tries to give you medicine and end the appointment. ( I take Mebeverine http://en.wikipedia....wiki/Mebeverine I know you said you don't want med but this is suppose to be good for IBS I don't know if you have tried it but it seems to work for me 90 % of the time :) ) I'm sorry you have bad pain I hope the new doctor will help you figure out what is causing the pain :) Good luck and I really hope you can sort the problem out :)

I think the sedation has almost gone but I still feel a little out of it a few times of the day lol. Thanks :)
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#662189 Something I Find Annoying

Posted by on 21 December 2010 - 01:47 PM

Recently I have been getting very annoyed at food companies . Why can't all food companies put Gluten Free or Not Gluten Free on their labels ? I mean it's very simple all it takes is 10 letters it's not difficult :angry: . Could you imagine how easy it would be to go shopping and find out if an item of food is Gluten Free or not in 1 second without having to read every single ingredient.

I am going to write a letter to some big food companies , and include videos or websites about Celiac Disease and ask them if it will be possible to start labelling more products with Gluten Free or not Gluten Free :) I mean they can write suitable for vegetarians so why can't they write Gluten Free on the labels ?????

Has anyone else written to food companies asking them to label more products ?
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#649605 Potato Intolerance

Posted by on 27 October 2010 - 01:16 PM

Tennisman, I did not do an elimination diet to figure out my intolerances, but it certainly is the easiest and quickest way. Narrow your food choices way down to things you know don't bother you, and then one at a time, every 3-4 days, add in something that you think could be a problem. If you react, take it out and test it again some other time. Reaction twice and you know for sure. For myself, I started noticing a pattern in my reactions. I couldn't really figure potatoes for quite a while because I had this itching that wouldn't go away when I stopped eating potatoes. But then I realized that the flour mixes in the breads I was eating all contained potato starch (slaps forehead!). Once I stopped eating those breads the itching went away. :P

Thanks for the advice Mushroom , I have been to see a dietician a few times. I had to do a food and symptoms diary , he checked the food diary for anything obvious but didn't notice anything. He said he will study the food diary properly and see if he can find anything. But in the mean time I have to avoid potatoes for 3 weeks and than if the pain goes away I have to do a challenge. I have avoided potato for a week already and still getting pain so i'm thinking maybe it's not potatoes after all so confusing lol. That's good you managed to stop the itching . It's annoying potato is in breads, biscuits etc. My Mum who is also Gluten Free recently bought a Gluten Free breadmaker for us , and it's really awesome makes very nice bread :D But like you said a lot of Gluten Free bread mixes have potato in , it's so frustrating lol
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#631714 What Is Your Response When People Say.....

Posted by on 14 August 2010 - 02:39 PM

I'm sorry people say that , I don't really remember anyone saying that to me lately , but I would get very annoyed if someone said that to me as Celiac has caused me a lot of other health problems. If they had something seriously wrong I would just try and change subject but if they had nothing or small problems just explain how ill you get if you accidentally eat gluten and make it sounds as bad as you possibly can and try and make them feel really bad for making a stupid comment .
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#630083 One Good Thing.

Posted by on 08 August 2010 - 06:40 AM

That's a good idea themick33 , avoiding gluten can be very difficult so it's definitely a very good achievement to be proud of :D
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#629972 Misery Loves Company...what Do I Do?

Posted by on 07 August 2010 - 03:28 PM

Ask your doctor for Mebeverine also known as Colofac. I also find medicine form is better than tablets. My doctor gave me Mebeverine when I first started gluten-free diet seemed to work if I accidentally eat gluten.
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