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#639998 Freaked About Neural Stuff...

Posted by on 16 September 2010 - 10:21 AM

Of course you can post here. That sounds really scary.

Are you strictly gluten-free? No chance of CC or gluten around the house? Gluten can cause autoimmune demyelination similar to MS and you have to be super-strict on the diet to get rid of it.

Call the Dr's office and ask why he wants more views. There is no need for you to be in the dark like this. My Dr. lets me leave a message with a nurse and they get back to me and tell me what's happening.

I got called back by the Imaging office for a follow up mammogram and ultrasound earlier this year. I scheduled it, got off the phone and called the doctor's office. I told them I was scared and could they please tell me what was going on. They were really nice, and told me that it was just a bit of dense tissue they couldn't see.

Okay, so I called the office of the neurologist and spoke to the receptionist. Apparently the neuro-dude (my neurologist has a mullet, hence why he gets to be neuro-dude instead of Dr. xxxxxxx)and the actual results have not been seen, but the fact that the MRI was done has been sent over. Apparently there was a mix-up - Neuro-dude, as per our conversation, had requested my entire spinal column be imaged, not just the cervical and brain portion. Imaging did not tell him at the time of request that they could not do it all in one go - hence they only did cervical spine and brain. He called and told them I needed lumbar, hence why I now have that appt, and it's just a fluke that they're getting me in on the same day that I do the ventral view of my cervical spine and brain. So that's a relief. The anxiety can go back down to where it was before.

I'm being as strict as I can be given my circumstances about being gluten-free. I live in a house with my fiance and one of his friends. They are both TERRIBLE at cleaning up after themselves, the friend being worse than the fiance. I'm mostly eating salads with meat, fruit, hummus and rice cakes and I avoid preparing these things on the counters b/c I know they're contaminated. I also have my own cutting board - everything else in the house is common and there's nothing that I can do about that. The friend in particular is rather un-accommodating with most things, and this is no exception. I rarely ever use pots or pans so I figure I'm okay there. The only possible source of CC that I can think of is our BBQ grill, so perhaps its time I get a personal george foreman (sp?). My shampoos and tooth paste and all that stuff is gluten free as far as I know.

I never knew just how much we take for granted until I lost the ability to do things - and even more now that neuro-dude has me thinking I may have MS. It's really really scary, aside from the normal reasons, but also b/c I run half-marathons and dance ballet and I don't ever want my ability to do either one of those activities to be comprimised ever again. I'm actually going to go and see a naturopath next week and get food sensitivity testing done and see if I can't do something a little less traditional to help expediate my body's healing.

Thank you for the support Skylark!
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#639985 Freaked About Neural Stuff...

Posted by on 16 September 2010 - 09:48 AM

Thank you Ravenwood. Your response has helped alot. I've found the gluten-free diet to help hugely with the chronic discomfort that I had for years in my GI tract area, as well as with the migraines. I realize it's a longer route for neural healing - I'm just really scared I guess. I'm doing my best to stick to an entirely gluten-free diet that's also free of overt sources of casein and soy (meaning that if there's a flavour of rice cake I like, I don't avoid it b/c it contains milk ingredients). I'm scheduled to have sinus surgery in early October, and after that I think I may try a total paleo diet and see if that can improve things even more. Waiting is the worst though. And I really appreciate the information regarding the bright spots - I didn't know that and it's really good to know. Thank you!!! You've been beyond helpful every time I've posted and I REALLY appreciate it.
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