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Member Since 28 Jul 2010
Offline Last Active Jun 01 2011 09:28 AM

Topics I've Started

Please Sign This Petition For gluten-free Girl Scout Cookies!

01 June 2011 - 09:09 AM

A girl scout troop has started an online petition for Girl Scouts to come up with a gluten-free allergen-free cookie. Currently, the two baking companies for GS say there isn't enough of a market for them.

There are SO many little girl scouts with celiac, gluten sensitivity, or other allergies (peanut, egg, etc) who can't eat the cookies they are asked to sell. Plus countless neighbors, etc, who can't participate because they can't eat the cookies.

On behalf of my soon-to-be a girl scout daughter, who is off both gluten and dairy, I'm posting the link to the petition:


It is just beginning to get traction, but through social networking, I think we can show there really is a demand for this product.

PLEASE share with your local celiac groups, pass on to the mom of the peanut-allergic child, etc.

We can do this!! Thank you!

If You Get Glutened Friday Night, You Feel The Effects ________

20 March 2011 - 05:57 PM

You feel the effects when? Friday night? Saturday morning? Later?

Both my daughters are gluten sensitive/celiac, and I've been off gluten for 6 months - very strict - to see if it would help my fibromyalgia. It didn't seem to help. I tried something with gluten a week ago as a test, and didn't see any effects. So Friday night, my husband and I went out to dinner and I didn't bother with staying gluten-free. I seemed fine on Saturday. We had a late Saturday dinner (gluten-free)and I immediately had some stomach discomfort. Intestinal pain overnight and then some cramping/loose stool on Sunday around noon.

So... could it have been a delayed gluten exposure? Or did I eat something bad Saturday night?

I'm mostly curious, though, to hear your experiences. I sometimes struggle with tracking down the source of x-contamination/accidental gluten exposure for one of my daughters who seems highly sensitive.

When My Child First Went Gluten-Free, I Noticed _______

31 August 2010 - 06:06 AM

My 2 year old has been gluten free for one week. I have not seen any changes yet. I know one week is not much, but I was so hoping for a magic bullet...

When did you first notice changes/improvements?

Help Me Make My Home Gluten-Free

25 August 2010 - 04:49 AM

My littlest gets upper and lower scopes tomorrow, and we're going gluten-free right after.

I know about:

No non-stick pans
New wooden cooking spoons
New cutting boards

No more Aveeno products

Vacuum the #@$% out of my couch and probably get it professionally cleaned.

I see the Joelle makeup ads all over this site. Is there really gluten in my Bare Minerals? It didn't look like it from the ingredients. I worry that some manufacturers are trying to get on the gluten-free bandwagon and they'll soon try to sell us gluten-free fruit, etc.

Where can I stop? There are toy boxes that include toys from McDonald's happy meals that I'm sure were handled while eating chicken nuggets. And then those toys would have touched other toys....

What about rubber spatulas?

Any thing else?

Laura's Wholesome Junk Food

23 August 2010 - 06:23 AM

My family ate a pretty controlled (I thought) lunch at Whole Foods. We bought Laura's Wholesome Junk Food gluten-free brownie bites. I noticed later that the package said it was made on shared equipment.

That night, my older daughter went into an hour-long non-verbal rage and had a very loose stool.

We were also trialing strawberries that day, so I can't isolate the incident as being gluten-related.

I have checked out their web site and saw that the product is labeled as no gluten ingredients, not gluten-free. Not so with the one we had purchased!!! :angry:

Have an of you had reactions to this? Did the company change based on complaints? It's such a shame - it was by far, the best tasting gluten-free treat I've tried.

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