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In Topic: Multiple Food Intolerances - Do They Ever Go Away?

25 March 2015 - 12:14 PM

i use generic:  cvs and walgreens both have digestive enzymes that are gluten free (and soy free, yay!)  they also have store brand probiotic and digestive enzyme combinations (those are the ones i take before breakfast) and i try to switch back & forth between the two store brands.  recently, i tried the cvs brand digestive enzymes recommended for people over 50 which has (i guess) extra magnesium ?  anyway, seems to be working pretty well :)

In Topic: Multiple Food Intolerances - Do They Ever Go Away?

24 March 2015 - 08:38 AM

food journal is your best bet - if you have a hard time keeping track of what you're eating, try the 'myfitnesspal' app if you have a smart phone.  it's a free app - helps me count my calories, too, so i can be sure that i am getting enough (trying to gain weight.  always....)  another thing you could do is an elimination diet - it's boring, but it works.  then you can find 'safe' foods to eat while you heal enough to hopefully tolerate some of the foods you have to skip right now (honestly, when i am feeling crummy, i revert back to my good ole' boar's head turkey on udi's. then i can 'reset' my digestive system)


lay off the dairy, for sure.  i think i did about 6 months skipping the dairy in the beginning.  then i started out with hard cheese and yogurt and slowly added things back in.  i am still drinking lactaid milk (haha, i like it.  i can probably drink regular milk now)  i had a terrible intolerance to soy, but now i can eat a little so long as i don't overdo it.  KEEP IN MIND that i am 4years plus on gluten free diet, so i have had a considerable amount of time to heal my gut.  citrus still bothers me (uber acidic) and i have to watch my nightshade intake (some is fine, too much is still a problem)  i am still pleasantly surprised at my lack of symptoms when i eat certain foods that used to cause chaos in my gut!


probiotics and digestive enzymes have made a huge difference when it comes to digestion.  i take a probiotic (culterelle) at night before i go to bed, then a probiotic/digestive enzyme combo in the morning before breakfast.  then digestive enzyme with every meal or large snack.  if you start taking probiotics, don't be alarmed if your gut sounds like a war zone!  when i first tried them, i was scared off by all the 'activity' in my intestines, so i stopped taking them.  then i researched further finding out that this is normal:  it's just the bacteria setting up housekeeping in your guts lolz...


good luck :)  and welcome.

In Topic: Glutened By Barilla Pasta Sauce

20 March 2015 - 01:07 PM

i use prego with no problems.  lots of the prego varieties are labeled gluten free :)  i usually make my own sauce but jar sauce is good for 'cheat' nights when i'm lazy ;)  i can't swear, but i think i've eaten the barilla with no problems, either.  i have a soy sensitivity, but if i don't overdo it, i can sneak a little.  i have been on the gluten free diet for 4+  years, so i might be more healed up and able to handle it...

In Topic: First Party Bringing My Own Food

17 March 2015 - 09:00 AM

it cracks me up, anymore, when people feel sorry for me because i'm so 'deprived' lolz - the last party i went to i brought oysters bienville (mardi gras) people were amazed they were gluten free - i told them don't cry for me, peoples.  i'm not living on baloney sandwiches, trust me ;)  


then, there is my husband, who buys mcd's filet o fish (two of them!  jerk!) and eats them very joyously in front of me, lip smacking and all..... <_<   LOLZ i guess we are beyond it...  :P  ^_^

In Topic: Any Safe Take-Out Places?

17 March 2015 - 08:47 AM

i'd be nervous as a cat ordering take-out.  even when i (don't) eat out (much) i'm 'on alert' lolz - i flag the waitress down a million times to ask questions, i usually talk to a manager, and if i can, i watch as much as the food preparation as possible....  


in a food savvy place like san fran, though, i bet your options are better than mine here in e. tennessee ("y'all want that fried, right?")  :D