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In Topic: Should I Fight For A Nutritionist At This Point?

17 April 2015 - 10:23 AM

nah.  pick your battles.  chances are, you would have had to wait on an appointment, anyway.  mine was two weeks after my dx (congratulations, you have celiac, eat gluten free, have a nice day)  - i was, like:  what am i supposed to eat in the mean time????  so, i did a ton of research and asked around here.  by the time my appointment came around, i cancelled it.  in hindsight, i probably already knew more than they could have taught me (and, i have heard some of them have no clue at all)  save your time and trouble.  really and truly, the only time i suppose you would need a dietitian/nutritionist would be in the first few days.  like:  congratulations, you have celiac, eat gluten free, GO SEE THE DIETITIAN (in an hour, go eat your last gluten meal, lolz) if you could see them in an immediate time frame, say, the same day or the next day, that would be helpful maybe.  THEN, have a nice day.  and you might :)  because you would know what to eat :)


when you get dx'd with type 1 diabetes, they don't leave you flailing around for 2 weeks, though, <_<  so i see your point....   -_-

In Topic: Success Stories Needed Desperately!

17 April 2015 - 08:08 AM

my celiac gene must have turned 'on' when i was (or soon after) pregnant with my first baby.  of course, i didn't know i had it.  i had a miscarriage very early on (very wierd, because baby's cells kept multiplying, just not enough (?) )  anyway, i had to have a d&c with that one and doctors said i might have problems with any subsequent pregnancies.  but, nope, my second baby was a normal pregnancy and birth, with absolutely no complications.  :)  


good luck & welcome to the forum.  ((((hugs)))) 

In Topic: Annoyance With Fad Dieters

16 April 2015 - 08:06 AM

at a dinner meeting...


she (as i am unpacking my dinner from home):  oh, i hear you have - what is it? -  celiac?


me:  yep.  that's why i'm brown baggin' it...


she:  oh, yeah, i know.  they said i have that, too.


me:  then, why are you eating a ROLL....


she:  oh, i could never follow the diet.  it's too hard.


(as she waves the roll over my food - i am desperately trying to cover/move my dinner..........)   :rolleyes:


on the other side of the coin, we have a new member at church who (i've not found out whether she has silent celiac or ncgi or wheat allergy)  has to follow the diet strictly (she has neuro symptoms) and SUDDENLY my whole church is "psst.  you're the only one who can make a cake for her"  i am secretly like loving the misery/company thing.  i make an extra sandwich and bring a piece of cake or whatever for her.  we have commiserated on the communion dilemma and during church we wave our snackie bags with tiny pieces of bread for safe communion time :)  makes both of us feel a little more 'normal' :)


and the third side of the coin (lolz) at least once per week, some poor soul pulls me aside and tells me how terrible they feel - sounds like they may have symptoms (most memorable was the young woman who felt fine until she had her first baby - bells and whistles, people!)  but they DON'T HAVE IT CHECKED!!  i'm like:  you *could* have it.  you *could* be feeling better if you followed up.  nope.....

In Topic: Haha...its Just ..sinking In! :d

10 April 2015 - 09:16 AM

I cried too... I still am. I am basically awed... I thought it would be so much harder. I thought it may never happen.  I am actually scared to pieces something will go wrong, or there will be a miscarry, or bad news on the genetic testing front....


do not borrow trouble!   this is your little miracle :)  you are gluten-free, (the way your body 'runs' correctly) so this pregnancy should be a walk in the park  ;)  worry = stress <no no no!

In Topic: Haha...its Just ..sinking In! :d

09 April 2015 - 09:09 AM

WOW!  congratulations!!!  i guess this gluten free stuff must be working!!  lololz :D