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In Topic: Too Extreme Or Just The Right Medicine?

Today, 08:51 AM

what you are describing is an elimination diet - which is what is recommended at times when you (and all of us! lolz) can't figure out what we are eating that is making us miserable :)  it's not extreme at all - make sure you keep a food journal (i don't know about you, but i can't remember everything i ate without writing it down)   personally, i am leery of vitamin pills, and i have my vitamin levels checked every 6 months and they have all come back good without taking any supplements (except D - an i get that from my doc prescribed) it seems my body is absorbing nutrients again, so, no need for extra vitamins.  many celiacs take b12 and find that is helpful.  if you take a probiotic and still have indigestion (the big D - diarrhea) , maybe try to take one at night and one in the morning?  and also, digestive enzymes are very helpful to help break down foods and maximize your body's digestive process.  good luck!  

In Topic: I Am Completely Discouraged!

Yesterday, 07:53 AM

false negatives on blood test are *very* common.  if you feel better off the gluten, no reason you need to eat it.  just eat a clean, nutrition-filled diet and don't worry about it.  honestly, i wish they would come up with a better test!!  one you wouldn't need to be eating gluten to be tested accurately.  that being said:  i wouldn't go back to eating gluten even if somebody told me i didn't have celiac.  that's what a difference this diet has made on my whole body :)  and my "pooch" is finally going away.  (whew.  thought i was gonna hafta work out there for a second lolz like i don't get enough exercise running up and down the stairs because i forgot what i went up there for....   <_<  )

In Topic: Recurrent Nightmares

19 October 2014 - 10:38 AM

that's why i drink :)


(lolz - j/k i got plenty o reasons why i drink)  i used to have doozies of nightmares - always stuck away from home/on a trip and somebody does me a 'favor' and contaminates everything i can eat.  they have since subsided to one good one every now and again - NOT every time i close my eyes like they were in the beginning  <_<  adjusting to the 'new normal' i suppose.  new brain patterns and all that jazz...

In Topic: Gluten And Soy Free Cooking Spray?

19 October 2014 - 10:25 AM



i have a 'misto' -- it's a sprayer/mister that you can put any oil into it that you want and you pressurize it by pumping it.  got it at kroger, so it's not hard to find and it was about $10.  it works pretty well and i think i'm going to get a second one (i have olive oil in the one i have, but i would like canola, too)  i was also frustrated trying to find spray oil without soy!  pain in the butt soy!   :angry:

In Topic: Apples, Really That Is Weird.

19 October 2014 - 10:15 AM

i have done better with raw fruits and veggies with the help of digestive enzymes - in fact, i experimented with the right combination/timing of probiotics and digestive enzymes until i have it adjusted just right <for me, everyone is different.   and this also might change as i continue to heal (yes, things are *still* improving!)


for example:  i take culturelle at night before bed, and otc walgreen's probiotic/digestive enzyme combo in the morning.  no extra enzyme with breakfast, but just plain otc (cvs) digestive enzyme with every subsequent meal or big snack.  i had to experiment quite a bit, though, and even stumbled across the walgreen's combo when i forgot my regular enzyme capsules when i was out of town, lolz  :)