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In Topic: First Confirmed Glutening

Today, 10:27 AM

:(  aww :(  feel better.  it is about 2 weeks for me, too, to recover.  yup, i mostly only eat what i cook.  me and the freezer are bff's.  


lolz - i have tinitus <sp) but i attributed that to too much loud music (hey, turn that up) and i am pretty deaf in one ear from underestimating how loud a .22 is (they might be little....) always wear ear protection.   <_<  :ph34r:

In Topic: Nascar Superbowl Ad Takes A Jab At The gluten-free Diet

30 January 2015 - 09:30 AM

i had to watch this 3 times before i saw/heard what y'all are talking about.  ok, yeah, they shouldn't have said that, but i think it makes more fun of nascar than anything else.  gem is right, there *is* a certain mentality of race fans (it's generally nice)(hells to the yeah we are rednecks) anybody else actually ever *been* to a race?  i have never seen a fight break out among fans (unlike any other sporting event i ever went to) you are allowed to bring your own food & beverages into the stands (unlike any other sporting event i ever went to) and some tracks have gluten-free beer & snacks at their concession stands.   <i'm sure other sporting events are trying this as well)   i have spent weekends camping out with these people; they will share/give you their everything/whatever.   if you really want to blame somebody, i'm sure nobody in 'nascar' wrote that ad.


not defending that comment, but i have a sick sense of humor.  and the redneck in me says:  billy bob don't give a $#!t lololz ;)  y'all just made that ad 1 million times more valuable :)  


go fast.  turn left.  


ok, you can throw things at me now :D (runs away)  .........................(turns left...........)  

In Topic: Anyone Else Experiencing Hormonal Changes?

29 January 2015 - 04:03 PM

Thank you :)  I'm still wanting the sushi I spoke of, lol.


lolz - go take that test  ;)  when i was pregnant with my son, all i wanted to eat were hot dogs w/sauerkraut.  and i hate hot dogs!!  


good luck!! :)

In Topic: What Are You Eating For The Super Bowl?

29 January 2015 - 03:59 PM



looks like no gluten :)  'natural flavoring' but if it was derived from wheat, it has to be disclosed.

In Topic: Weight Gain Advice Needed, Please (Newbie Near Death)

29 January 2015 - 11:26 AM

i use an app on my phone called 'my fitness pal' and it will keep track of all that.  it's easy to use if you can get it (and, it's free :)  ) i didn't even know it was keeping track of how much iron, carbs, vitamins, etc until it kept congratulating me for choosing healthy things (plus, it's nice and encouraging, lolz) and if you plug in your weight and your goal weight, it will tell you how many calories you need for healthy weight gain.  


they told me to see a dietitian/nutritionist in the beginning, too.  then i couldn't get an appointment for 2 weeks!  well, i had to eat before then!!  i was all like:  what am i supposed to eat in between....?  so i came here (and then i cancelled my appointment)  good luck & welcome :)