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In Topic: Iv Nutrient Therapy

Yesterday, 08:53 AM

Sadly, this person was run off by the "moderator" here and I could've benefitted from this person's experience. Anyone else find this to be the case on this board? Very lousy.

Grade: F

ohhhhhhhhhhhh kaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.......................???  i don't see your point, but, wow, thanks for letting us know nearly a year later.   ;) 

In Topic: Birmingham, Al

18 May 2015 - 10:04 AM

good luck :(  i travel to tuscaloosa (not far from b'ham - you have to drive through it to get to t-town) a few times a year and haven't been able to find anywhere (haha in the whole state, pretty much)  we went to panama city, fl last year (through L.A. <'lower alabama' ) and the 'find me gluten free'  app on my phone stayed blank until we hit atlanta........ (i don't even think there was a bonefish <and that is too much $ to eat there all the time)


i pack a cooler.  on the up side, truck stops are stocking more gluten-free snacks.  so, there's that.  ;)

In Topic: Wanted To Get Mad... Ended Up Laughing The Whole Way Through!

14 May 2015 - 07:48 AM

LOLZ thank you!  probably the funniest video about celiac (" 'convenient' for who, exactly....?"  )  lololz!  :D

In Topic: The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

12 May 2015 - 07:56 AM

i am throwing sauerkraut and brats in the crock pot tonight.  went away for the weekend and got glutened somewhere........  mine is a delayed reaction, so at least it didn't ruin the weekend.  (although, i was suspicious when i started having balance issues)  rahhh....  i have a ton of stuff to do and all i want to do is go to bed.   :(  

In Topic: Eating Out In A Small Town

04 May 2015 - 10:59 AM

the last few times i have been glutened, it's been from eating out :(  unfortunately, the sad reality is:  most restaurants (especially fast food) can't or won't keep your food completely safe.  there are just too many opportunities to get crumbs on things or cook them on grills that are already contaminated by gluten.  or your order gets mixed up (even if they catch their mistake, you have to make sure they just don't "pick the croutons off the salad", etc, so you have to keep the contaminated one until they bring a replacement)  there are restaurants that get it right, but man, o, man, you have to be sure (for me, it's 2 weeks to recover - ain't nobody got time for that)  


i make most of everything that i eat and then freeze stuff - do i end up with some wierdddd combinations of foods?  yep.  but it's all safe.  i can make a pb&j sandwich in less than 6 minutes from freezer bread to brown bag if i have to hurry up and don't feel like starving (yeah, as soon as i step foot out of the house, i'm ravenous!!  it's like the doorway flips the switch lolz)  mostly everybody i know is used to me eating whatever, whenever.  i know what you mean about losing weight, i struggle with that issue, too.  


you said you eat the fried rice - if they fry anything with soy sauce in their woks/grills, you are probably getting cc'd from that - most 'regular' soy sauce is made from wheat.


i do still eat out (bonefish is a good, safe bet)  i hear 5 guys burgers & fries does a pretty good job for a fast food place - red robin also offers decent gluten free choices (although that was one of the places that glutened me - ate there once, no prob, ate there a 2nd time, pow... :(  )  so, look around, ask a ton of questions.  


i'm glad your joint pain has eased up - you must be doing something right.  :)  good luck

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