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In Topic: The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

30 June 2015 - 08:12 AM

spare grass, lololz   :D

In Topic: The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

29 June 2015 - 11:28 AM

last night i made stuffed Giant Zucchini - honestly, idk why, but our garden produces ABUNDANTLY !  we plant less and less plants and we end up getting killed with veggies.  


i stuffed it with fresh sausage that i jazzed up with some garlic, onions, oregano & mint.  mixed with romano cheese & mozzarella and topped with more (i pre-cooked the giant zucchini baked for about 20 min) mozzarella, then baked for about 30 minutes.  husband woofed it down - it was his bday, so he also got spaghetti & meatballs <his favorite :) 


i wonder how well it freezes if it was already cooked........   i guess i'll find out!  got a bunch more coming in.  and yellow squash.  and cucumbers.  and green peppers.  and jalapeno peppers <those cursed things, i bet we get 100 per plant every year.   ^_^ only got 3 tomato plants and they are monstrous  :lol:

In Topic: Even gluten-free Foods Triggering Reaction After Initial Glutening?

27 June 2015 - 09:27 AM

mine is generic:  alprazolam.  i've got a pretty healthy fear of addiction, so, only use it under duress.   there were tons of other meds that my docs have thrown at me pre-celiac diagnosis - they all knocked me out.  even the one they gave me for increasing my appetite:  well, you can't eat if you're sleeping at the table, lolz.  


it's been trial & error for me.  trying different combinations of things - at night i take a probiotic and zyrtec (to keep the allergies away), probiotic/digestive enzyme combo in the morning with breakfast, digestive enzyme with every meal or large snack....  seems to be working.  a little xanax here and there.  stay calm....  <sometimes it sounds like a shout lololz  :)  


i would add that hormones don't help the mix, but as a male in your 30's probably menopause isn't part of your problem LOLZ :D

In Topic: Could I Have Celiac Disease?

27 June 2015 - 09:11 AM

being as your grandmother has celiac, and it is a genetic disease, certainly you could have celiac.  but you could also have something else.....  you should go and see a doctor.  they can test you for celiac and also other things which may be your problem.  can't remember b.c. pills ever making my digestion any better?  but everyone is different.  really, you should see a doctor.  and, keep eating gluten if you intend to be tested, otherwise the test will not be accurate.  good luck and i hope you find some answers :)

In Topic: Even gluten-free Foods Triggering Reaction After Initial Glutening?

26 June 2015 - 01:52 PM

i have a script for xanax.  i don't take a whole lot of it and only a little at a time (like i break the tablet into 6 pieces and eat 1 every few hours - i originally got it for traveling and the dosage is 1/2 tablet who needs a plane lolz - GI doc said to use it to help with D during stress) when i'm stressing.  the worse part is realizing i'm stressing when i'm stressing.  I'M A LITTLE HIGH STRUNG and i have a naturally high metabolism - like you, i start losing the weight i can't afford to lose!   sure wish they would legalize cannibus here - helps with the appetite and stress, both. 


been following this thread - i sure hope you feel better :)

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