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Frozen Pie Shell!

27 October 2014 - 08:11 AM

so, i'm moseying along in the kroger, always snooping in the 'freak' frozen section (lolz) and what do i see??


gluten-free frozen pie shells!!  just in time for thanksgiving!!  W00T!  they are 'wholly wholesome' brand and come 2 to a package (i guess you can 'unmold' the 2nd one to make a 2 crust pie)  but perfect for punkin pie.  and they are basically allergy free  <even corn!)  so, to make the holidays a little less hectic, hopefully they don't taste like cardboard!  (shoot, they're even kosher, wow - they've got all their bases covered lolz)


i'm gonna give them a try sometime this week :)

The Moon Is Made Of Cheese

20 June 2014 - 08:49 AM

SWISS cheese, specifically.  and now, you have read it on the interwebs.  so, it is quite obviously true........   <_<



Digestive Enzymes

10 April 2014 - 08:35 AM

i have been meaning to try these, but kept forgetting to pick them up (they don't sell them where i grocery shop) FINALLY remembered to get them.  you take them before every meal.  


they are my best friend.  i thought, well, i'll just give this a test drive.  holy guacamole, they work like a charm.  everything is nice and quiet and niiiiice.  i know my intestines are probably stilll damaged, so i was patient and some things i was eating were not sitting as well as i wanted them to, but this is awesome.  :D


yayyyyy!  and thank you, people on this board.  my doctor never even suggested this.  love y'uns's i just all warm and fuzzy (and not in the bathroom all morning ha HAAAA!)  



For Those Trying To Gain Weight

17 February 2014 - 10:19 AM

i have been having trouble gaining weight, or keeping weight on.  maybe someone has suggested this before, but there is an app i got for my phone that is called 'my fitness pal' - it's free (yay) turns out, i felt like i was eating a ton of food and not gaining but this thing calculated my recommended calorie intake based on what i weighed, how tall, etc and how much weight i wanted to put on.  i am still not to my goal, but have gained 6-7 lbs since then end of august.  and it's staying on ::)  my pants are fitting!  yayyyy!!!


anyways, this thing will even scan a barcode and tell you serving size and calories.  you can double the portion or cut it into whatever you want.  it stores the things you eat every day/on a regular basis and it will multi-add ie;  i eat cereal with banana for breakfast (alot, evidently lolz) and it comes up as a list.  i click multi-add, check boxes for cereal, banana, milk POW added quickly. 


*disclaimer! - i do not work for this company nor am i affiliated with any of it's owners.  i can barely work my phone  ;)  hahaha


ps - my son saw this app on my phone and cringed("oh, mom, you're not counting calories, are you?!"  i said i'm kind of doing it backwards....), so i guess 'fitness' people use it and i'm guessing it's handy if you're trying to lose, as well.  he has the 'betus (diabetes type 1) and uses it to track his carbs/calories


this would also work as a handy food journal if you're on the go  :)



Ugh - I'm Swearing Off Eating Out For Awhile!

02 November 2013 - 10:12 AM

last month we had my bff and her daughter come for a visit.   my daughter had some time off from school, so we took a trip to nashville.  my friend got a suite with a kitchenette i'm sure so that i would be able to fix myself something to eat.  (i didn't - i brought sandwich meat and bread, etc)  but everyone was so *hungry* all the time <the girls) that after the first day, i just said "ok - here's a bunch of restaurants in the area that have a gluten-free menu"  and let them choose from the find me gluten free app on my phone.  we had lunch at wild horse saloon, and dinner at margaritaville.  2 days later, i can't keep my balance, i have a headache and can't keep my eyes open, so obviously i got cc from one of those places, being as i only ate out on one day (two meals)  so, chalk one up to no research done on either place.  i am dumb.  suffer 2 weeks.....  so then my oldest daughter was here visiting and we decided to go to the red robin THAT I  ALREADY RESEARCHED AND ATE AT AND IT WAS FINE!  ugh - i am back in gluten-head hell again!  the place was soooo much busier the first night i ate there, and i quizzed the server like it was my first time eating there (even though i knew they had a dedicated fryer)  i guess it's always a crap shoot......... 


the places in nashville both had gluten-free menus, so i guess that doesn't mean they know what they're doing.  the girl at the red robin answered all my questions like she knew what she was talking about.  you would think after 3 years of gluten-free i wouldn't fall on my head anymore - ughhhhhhh  :( 


i am always the one telling everybody to watch out eating at restaurants and now i am eating my words.  oh, well, i guess i will since they're gluten free lolz  <_<