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In Topic: gluten-free Bisquick

03 October 2010 - 02:07 PM

Sorry to hear this! Bought some of this cookie mix last week and have not yet had the energy to bake them! Been waiting for heat wave to let up before lighting the oven. (Hopefully, they are better than NO cookies at all!)

PS Wonder what was so "aweful" about the BC c/chip cookies? Did they not hold together well? Were they too bland, blah, no texture, too sweet? Guess I'll bake these soon and find out!

OK, back with a brief report on our experiences with BC choc-chip cookie mix...
It was rather weird and a little difficult to mix up the dough. When they said "dough will be crumbly," they were not kidding. Maybe if they upped the amount of butter or added a little oil or more egg, the dough would stick together better? Had to roll dough in hands (like fish bait! LOL) to get it to even remotely stick together. It did manage to hold together, for the most part, during baking--although many cookies broke up when removing from baking sheet.

The cookies themselves were rather DRY and not chewy (more like sandy); and there were too many choc-chips for our taste (especially for me, since chocolate can tend to cause insomnia or a-fib in me). Was so distracted by the dry, crumbly dough, I forgot to add walnuts, which would have made them better. Overall, household voted them "Not bad, but they need walnuts and fewer chocolate chips..." --Probably won't bother with this B.C. mix again... but it satisfied craving for choc-chip cookies for at least a year or so!

In Topic: 3 Years On, Still Sick.

03 October 2010 - 01:42 PM

Somehow drs always manage to make me feel like a criminal pleading my innocence.

That description is absolutely PRICELESS--and so true for so many of us!

In Topic: Anybody Have Problems With Gelatin?

02 October 2010 - 01:07 AM

You are right it is intriguing. I also have fructose malabsorption and pectin is a big no for me. Actually anything prebiotic (oligosaccharides and Fructo-oligosaccharides)tends to set a lot of us off such as chickory root, inulin, ect. Probiotics bother some of us as well so we don't use these as supplements or eat yogurt such as Fiber One, since it will make us worse. Anything too fermented such as sauerkraut also will do numbers on our g.i. Its part of the low fodmap diet that many with FM follow.
I've also heard that Gelatin is a natural source for sulphites and some that react to sulphites will react to Gelatin. I only know that red wine will make me look like rudolph and I blame the higher sulphites in red wine for that. Also cheap wines no matter what the varietal, will get me glowing :)

This stuff about sulphites is very interesting. Had not really considered sulphites as a problem, but when I look at the list on the following link, I do see several foods/substances that are known to provoke a reaction in my system:

Substances like gelatin, pectin, chocolate (sometimes)... Not sure if it's the sulphites themselves that cause me problems or something else. What's interesting is that for several months earlier this year, I was taking a couple eyedrops for glaucoma that contained sulphites... I had a LOT of systemic problems during those months... Maybe a connection...


It is also interesting that adrenaline/epinephrine (which causes heart palpitations and irregular heartbeat when I have it) is one of the things used to counteract a severe sulfite reaction! (Maybe the old "hair of the dog" remedy at play?)

In Topic: Anybody Have Problems With Gelatin?

30 September 2010 - 12:06 PM

Chicken feet...yuck! I don't even want to contemplate all the disgusting things those chickens walk on in those chicken coops.

By the way, when they say vegetarian cellulose, you don't suppose there's a chance they could be talking about a gluten-containing grain (is grain a vegetable?), do you? Have noticed a lot of products specify plant cellulose, but not sure what exactly their source is. ??

In Topic: Anybody Have Problems With Gelatin?

29 September 2010 - 11:25 AM

ya it was gross. i also think there is something to this overprocessed "frankenstein" food.
i had a NIGHTMARISH episode the other day with High Maltose Corn Syrup!!! lots of debate over the internet over if it hurts celiacs or not.... but basically this one article said that the HMCS is "Relatively New" to human consumption- and that the effects on the human body may not be known yet.
great...... it's like we're part of an experiment

"Frankinstein food" is a good way to describe some of this stuff! Recall in the old monster movies there often was a creature/being/monster that took the form of a GELATINOUS SUBSTANCE! UGHHHH. !

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