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Really Scared To Go To The Specialist

28 October 2012 - 09:04 PM

I figured out that I have celiac 2.5 years ago from a combination of elimination diet, symptoms and 23andme results (I had previously been diagnosed as having IBS for 5 years, getting progressively worse). My GP at the time felt that was good enough after I tried to go back on gluten to get tested and ended up curled on the floor of my bathroom for 2 days. My new GP was comfortable enough to put the diagnosis in my record but I have been having more symptoms since a recent glutening, and I want to go see a GI specialist. My GP/insurance company is making me go in to see the GP for a screening first but I know I can get past that (my belly has been distended for 2 weeks, I've been constipated and I've been having pain after almost every meal, among other things).

What I'm afraid of is that I'm going to get to the Gastroenterologist and be told it's all in my head, have my diagnosis blown off and/or be told the doctor won't do anything unless I go on gluten for a month to get a "proper" diagnosis. I know a gluten challenge is out of the question, (I'd be incapacitated and I have a physical job that I can't take that much time off from). I do have one test result that supports the celiac diagnosis, a deficiency of intrinsic factor of B12.

What would you guys do? How can I prepare myself to get what I need from the doc? I'm comfortable arguing with doctors in general, but I don't know what I'm asking for at this point. I have no idea what's wrong!

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