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In Topic: gluten-free Beer - What Do You Drink?

21 June 2013 - 10:06 PM

Try omission beer. Gluten free and has all sorts of awards, even against regular beers! It is really good!

In Topic: Help.. Desperately Needing Advice!

20 June 2013 - 07:41 AM

Thanks everyone for the feedback so far... I did check my meds and they are all ok for now but with generics...who knows next month! Yesterday...Nothing that I can think of that I shouldn't have eaten...no soy or corn or dairy or even rice..Still with the same bowel issues but I did sleep for the first tie in over a week...I normally average only about two hours...last night about 5...might have been just really exhausted but I don't argue with it. As for being sensitive to food I like... I had thought of that and it is CORN!!! Boy I will hate to give that one up... No probs doing it though...I will completely eliminate that one for the next week or so...and see what difference it makes. Soy is much easier to avoid as I don't buy it and don't use mixes or premade gluten free products. I have written my daughter for a list of their allergies. I know her and her son share little in common...I have no idea how she manages to cook! I allow no gluten products in the house and make my own soaps, shampoos and rinses..It is an economy thing. and no sugar...at least white...I do use molasses and honey...and maple syrup...I just realized one source of gluten in my home and it is in the dry pet food.....anyone with experience with it being a problem? I neither eat it, handle it or is it in contact with any surfaces I use...it shouldn't be a problem should it? I can't afford to replace it right now.. As it is, it is hard to feed these critters a healthy diet on my budget. It is corn free but I am certain some wheat products.

In Topic: Left Side Limb Pain, Numbness

20 June 2013 - 07:16 AM

Does anyone know if there is a connection between Celiac and osteo/nerve issues?  Are Celiacs prone to osteopathic or nervous tissue degenerative diseases?
My history - diagnosed with Celiac about 3 yrs. ago - gluten free ever since.  Since then, internal carotid dissections and aneurysms thought to be caused by Fibromuscular Displaysia, Tension Migraines.

Thanks for your input!
I spoke with a family member who is a chiropractor & he said to ask my doctor to check me out for 'thorasic output syndrome', so that's on my to-do list. 
I worried about a TIA also, especially considering my history.  Obviously I need more testing - symptoms are still present. 
To twe0708 - 'neuropathy problems'?  Could you elaborate?  Do you know what the testing is for that?  Everything you mentioned, I have had also at different times recently.
Thanks & Take Care!

Recently - waking up from sound sleep with burning pain - left side only - from neck/chest/shoulder down to fingers.  Pain feels like it's deep in the bone.  Occurs a couple times per week with varying severity.  It does not seem to matter what I'm doing - sleeping, driving, just sitting there...  After the pain (and sometimes along with it) comes numbness, sometimes tingling.
I ask because I just came from the hospital for such pain.  I thought I had suffered a heart attack.  I didn't.  My doctors are bewildered and so am I.  I have a follow up with my primary next week and I'd like to offer some ideas as to what they might want to check for.
Thanks for your input!

In Topic: Help.. Desperately Needing Advice!

19 June 2013 - 02:14 PM

Thanks gluten-free in DC. I haven't tried the probiotics and digestive enzymes. I will check into it...That money issue starts to creep in and become an issue. Concerned about the psyllium fiber though. Won't it just make diarrhea worse? It seems that even things like brown rice adds to the problem rather that help...ditto for high fiber fruits and veggies.

In Topic: Help.. Desperately Needing Advice!

19 June 2013 - 10:11 AM

Thanks Greenbeanie.. In all honesty I HAVEN"T!! Now my drugstore KNOWS I am celiac....but...here I am off to personally check them all. I know my vitamins are...of course not necessarily corn etc free...

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