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Member Since 10 Aug 2010
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Topics I've Started

Always Hungry, Always Eating And Still Lossing?

17 September 2010 - 09:48 AM

I am really confused because I have seen a ton of posts saying that after they (poster) went gluten free they have gained weight (no difference if it was a good thing or not), but I haven't seen anyone post about loosing weight.

I have been gluten free for about a month so far. I can't stop eating I feel like I am always hungry and mostly craving carbs(all gluten free). I have struggled in the past to loose weight (b4 diagnosis), but now it feels like it's falling off. My husband is a little worried because I have lost 12lbs in a month (I am not heavy just had left over baby weight from my kids 8,6, 4.5)

Has anyone else had this? I suspect that it was because I wasn't able to absorb nutrients before and my body was "starving" itself and now that i can it has sped up my metabolism? would that be a good guess???

Road Trip To Sooke B.c In 2 Weeks Help

19 August 2010 - 07:20 AM

My husband, Kids and I are going to Sooke (30min outside of Victoria) B.C for my sister in-law's wedding. I am trying to find places to eat on the way there then once we are there. I know we will be spending a couple of days in Victoria as well. Looking for something not too expensive as road trip weddings are already expensive enough lol

More Testing On Tummy Problems

10 August 2010 - 10:39 AM

So here is my coles notes story....
I have had bad tummy problems since I can remember but they got really bad at the age of 16. I was a late bloomer almost 15 when puberty hit. Originally I chalked it up to food (mostly meat intollerance) My mother and Grandmother have the same problem. Two years ago I had been getting really bad/sharp stomach pains about 15 mins after eating and it didn't matter what it was. Went to the Dr.'s whom then sent me for blood tests and a colonoscopy (for crohns & colitis) which didn't go well felt every minute of it finally told the Dr. to stop because the pain was unberrable (and I have had 3 kids 1 all natural). When the results had gotten to my GP they said they were inconclusive... hmm i wonder why??? Anyways I had about enough of being poke and prodded at so I stop testing. My friends's new gluten-free (a nurse & celiac) suggested that I go and get tested for Celiac. I went to a new Dr. (i have moved) explained to her the time length and a brief on symptoms and she ordered at wack load of tests pretty much everything on the paper and then some.

Symptoms are:
stomach cramping, diarreah, loss of appitiet, lactose intolorant, I have been anemic for who knows how long, odd menstration (I also have PCOS and a messed up petuitary gland), monster headaches.
I have been paying more attention as of late to what i am eating since there seems to be no consistancy on what causes my stomach discomfort.

I hope that these test will find something or lead to something that may be bothering me so far though if it is something i would prefer celiac to crohns or colitis as it is WAY easier to treat!! Going for my blood tests tomorrow should find out soon....I hope

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