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In Topic: Another Cross Contamination Question

28 November 2006 - 02:17 PM

"The main concern is touching the bagel and then licking your fingers, or touching your face or touching your safe food. My husband eats gluten and I am very careful about wiping down the counters and not getting myself sick. I don't ever gluten myself at home, but I am very careful. I watched him make a sandwich the other day. He left crumbs on the counter and then without washing his hands touched the fridge, trash cabinet, and dish towel. I went behind him and wiped all those things down and tossed the towel in the wash."

This is so true! I did the same exact thing with my boyfriend yesterday. Watched him make a sandwich and then touch everything in the kitchen. I ran around the kitchen and wiped everything down after him. He looked at me like I had ten heads. I wish we could have one of those black lights that you see in the crime shows on TV that detects blood, but one for detecting gluten! Then I could turn out the kitchen lights, turn on the gluten-detector-black-light, and show him how the gluten crumbs got everywhere...contaminating everything! :)

In Topic: Snack Size Candy

22 November 2006 - 11:27 AM

I can't help you with the snack size candy question, but I do know that tootsie rolls are gluten-free. I eat a couple everyday! :)

In Topic: French Fries In Boston Area?

14 November 2006 - 07:37 AM

Hi -- has anyone had any luck finding a restaurant that makes french fries in a dedicated fryer (used only for non-breaded products) in the Greater Boston area? Unfortunately, the fries at places like Legal's, Outback and Bugaboo Creek are not on the gluten-free menu. (I understand about the MacDonald's controversy, so I'm looking for other suggestions.) Thanks!

Chik-filet has gluten-free french fries. They are a fast food restaurant though, found in some malls. I have gone to the one in the Burlington Mall.

In Topic: Need A Recommendation Boston/cambridge

14 November 2006 - 07:33 AM

I've heard that Fire and Ice in Harvard Square is an option. You choose your own veggies, meat, sauce and it all gets cooked. Apparently, there is a special area in the back where they can cook the food for those with various food allergy concerns. I haven't been there myself, so I can't speak from personal experience, but I had noted it down for a possible visit in the future.

I have eaten at the Fire and Ice in both Harvard Square and Providence Place Mall.
I had success at both places. YOu just have to ask the guys/gals behind the grill to bring your food in back to cook up in a separate pan (once it is done they will bring it out front to you). Before going I emailed the corporate office and received a kind reply to do this and to ask your server which sauces are gluten-free. You can call the harvard location and talk to the manager just to feel better about it (I know I do even if people tell me a place is safe to eat!). Also there is The Elephant Walk in Cambridge and Boston that has a gluten-free menu (you can view it online), but they are pretty expensive...

In Topic: Got Really Sick This Afternoon

13 November 2006 - 06:30 AM

Sorry for all the questions, but do you know if the Hershey mini bags of Kissables and Reeses Peices are gluten-free? I just bought two big bags of those (at 75% off!)..

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