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Member Since 13 Aug 2010
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How Do I Teach A Grandparent To Be Vigilent?

17 October 2010 - 06:30 PM

Looking for help on how to educate and fix a VERY touchy situation re: gluten-free eating.

My mother is unwilling to be vigilent about what my 3yo eats, gets into, touches, etc. She babysat for us yesterday and we had an incident where 1) my mother cross-contaminated the butter (bagel crumbs ALL over it) and 2) where my mother had no clue what was in the goody bag my 5yo brought into the house. Aside from not letting my mother babysit or spend any 1-on-1 time with my daughter, how do I get through to her? When I called today to explain that my 3yo had ingested gluten somehow (evidenced by her abnormal BM), she was unwilling to take responsibility for what my daughter got into while under her care and hung up the phone on me. I've sent her lots of articles on celiac disease and gluten-free since getting the celiac disease dx in August. I've explained the damage to my daughter's intestine that takes place when she has gluten. I just don't know what else to do.

I am sure I am not the first parent to run into this. I feel like babysitters, daycare providers, etc. take this more seriously.

Thank you for any advice!


Expectations For Art Supplies At A Private Preschool?

13 August 2010 - 07:24 PM

We are brand new to the world of celiac disease - positive bloodwork 11 days ago, endoscopy today that showed celiac indicators and a gluten-free lifetime for our 3 year old.

My daughter attends a private, and very expensive, preschool that we have been a family of for almost 5 years since I also have a 7yo and a 5yo. So thankfully there is a well-established relationship :-). I am asking them to adjust their art projects and remove the playdoh, etc. for the times when my daughter is in the art class or when they do things in the regular classroom. Is it reasonable for them to supply their own gluten-free playdoh, pasta, cereal, etc. if they want to do those projects? I do pay a lot for this preschool. Or should I supply it for the whole class, as I expect to do when we are in the public elementary school?

And on a similar subject, does anyone ask for (or receive) a partial refund of the preschool tuition if the school is not providing meals?

Thanks so much!

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