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In Topic: Disoriented, And Unable To Walk.

23 August 2010 - 01:08 AM

I can see why you are scared, it must be a horrible feeling. You have been the hospital, which is good. If the pain was from your heart being damaged, they can pick that up using blood tests, which I imagine they looked in to at the start to make sure you weren't having a heart attack. Due to the pain you are in you also may have strained muscles in your chest, which can be very painful.

The state your body is in right now will make you feel much more anxious, which in turn could be making you panicky. I'm not saying it's in your head, just that the original pain puts your body in a state of stress, which can then feed in to eachother. In a young and otherwise healthy person, I don't think that the problems you are having right now will be damaging your heart, but of course you should ask your dr about that and get any testing recommended. There are people who sufffer from panic attacks very frequently where the heart races, and that doesn't damage the muscle.

I have been very low in iron and B12 at points, and my heart could pound and race, I was airless and would gasp and I could hardly climb the stairs. It also put me in a weird disconnected state, which was pretty distressing. I definitely second getting your full iron (that's at least ferratin, circulating iron and your saturation), b12 and folate tested, as that could be part of the problem. Get printouts of the tests and post them here if you dont get a clear answer from the dr. If you are low in b12, get the injections, as it will make you feel better much sooner.

If you aren't gluten free already, I would do that right now, in case this is the start of you reacting to gluten. It can cause some extremely weird reactions in people. Also, make sure you are getting some nutrition, otherwise you will stress your body even more. If you can handle dairy, try a liquid meal replacement, here in Australia I know of ensure and sustagen. You will at least get some nutrition to help you out. Otherwise, have you tried pureeing food and eating small amounts? Or soup? Even a few mouthfulls here and there will help.

Hope you start to feel better soon.

I've had like about 2 almost three panic attacks in one day. It's usually suddenly just my heart racing when I try to watch a movie and relax, and then I can't control it and my chest hurts. I'm really glad you told me it wont be damaging my heart :) I was so worried about that. I've thought about it ever since I noticed my irregularity of my heart. How did yours go? Have you already begun treatment or do you still have these feelings?

I took Iron and I feel better, I kind of took it quite late so next time I will try to take it earlier. I try to be pretty cautious about those things. I know it's silly maybe I'm just a little scared about how no doctor can tell me what's wrong with me. But an hour or two after taking the iron pill my heart rate has relaxed. It has gone from being the normal of 100+ to now maybe in the 60 range even?!!??!?! I'm so happy and excited I had iron at my house this whole time and I had no idea it could help my heart.. I was so shocked I was almost weirded out that it was so low. I was like "So low is this even normal?!" Because it's been so high for so long. I can't say how much of a difference I feel.

I didn't feel like I was getting oxygen at all to even when I was breathing (the air would even feel hot even if it wasnt?) and I would panic at that, and now when I breath I feel fine! And I don't feel as disoriented. Maybe still hard to walk, but maybe my braincells are trying to recooperate after the loss of all the air! if I have any left now! ;D

I ate soup earlier I had Miso soup that's what I've been eating. I'm going to try some Fish and baby food, and some steamed vegs that everyone sugested. I don't mind going completely gluten free. I don't even like bread or anything. Just every time I got something, even a drink I would get really sick. So I will probably be eating mainly fish and vegs from now on! :)

In Topic: Disoriented, And Unable To Walk.

23 August 2010 - 12:54 AM

Yes, this is what I get, the pressure under the ribs; sometimes it feels like a have on a too-tight bra and someone is pulling it tighter :o You start eating dinner, have a couple of mouthfuls and feel nauseous and can't eat any more because there's no room for anything else. It is all related to what you eat.

Can you go on a very basic diet? Eat things like applesauce, rice, bananas, some white fish, maybe some swiss chard? And drink nothing but water??? Or you could even try some jars of babyfood that have no gluten. Something to get you some nutrition while not making you sick until we can figure out what is doing this to you?

P.S. I take Gas-X - it doesn't help a lot but it does help a bit :)

Ohhh Ohh exactly.. the tightness like someone is pulling something tighter on you about your chest. This is when I thought I had a build up of Canida in my system and got the Activia (haha) :P I am going to make a shopping list. I've been dieing to get fish but around where I live (texas) theres not many places to go and get this for a good price. But I will be on the look out soon now that I have some ideas on what to get! I will also even try the baby food! :)

What did you do to relieve the pressure in your stomache?? Like was it a build up in your body? How long did it last you?..:/ I just thought that by two months this would be gone by now?

In Topic: Disoriented, And Unable To Walk.

22 August 2010 - 08:14 PM

@Mushroom I do get bad pressure under my ribs like fullness. But cannot make myself burp.. Not really had much food lately just maybe the Activia cause a food reaction? I've had the pressure under my ribs for a while causing my heart to race and difficult breathing though, no gasiness right now. Stomach isn't so much distended as just kind of feeling very full and nausea really -_-

In Topic: Disoriented, And Unable To Walk.

22 August 2010 - 06:55 PM

Forgot, get vitamin D checked too. Here's the problem. You may not be able to absorb much of the vitamins. Also, when taking iron, it must be by itself. That means no food, vitamins, tea ( just water) at least 1 hour before and 2 hours after. If it bothers your stomach, no dairy or grain. A little banana or apple. What do we need to do to get you tested for Celiac and all the vitamin deficiencies? Do you have insurance? Can your Mom help you? I'll try to help you figure this out. As will other here.

I don't think I have Vitamin D at home..I took folic acid, B12, baby asprin.

I have medicaid because I've been epileptic since I was 17. It seems like I have the chest pain and panic attacks every day even with nothing really on my mind.

I'll try to eat something in a couple of hours since I just took an iron a bit ago after you suggested it :)

In Topic: Disoriented, And Unable To Walk.

22 August 2010 - 06:04 PM

Welcome Erin! A few things about your post confused me. When you say you had a negative blood test, did they test you for celiac? With your mother having it, it's very likely you have it too. You need to follow up with a heart doctor to rule out any heart condition, but I will tell you that I had some similar symptoms. Mine included chest pain and difficulty breathing rather than just a racing heart beat. I was only 26 when it started and it was scary. Your racing heart beat could also be anxiety if you don't have any heart condition. Many people with celiac or gluten intolerance have anxiety as well.

If you want to go gluten free you can trial the diet right now. Activia is not a good choice for yogurt however. The last time I looked at Activia it said "may contain wheat" on it (I am in the US so it may be different in other countries. If you want to have more testing done for celiac then you should not go gluten free yet (it could make the test results false negatives). However going gluten free will not prevent the doctors from testing for other conditions. Please try to eat something so you don't lose too much weight and end up in the hospital. Try something simple like grilled chicken and steamed vegetables or some plain rice may calm your system. I hope you can figure it out soon and feel free to ask any other questions you have here.

They didn't test me for Celiac at the hospital but they are at my doctor. I just went to the hospital last night, but the doctor blood test is Monday. The blood test at the hospital they said normal for anything like heart problem, or any reason for what was happening.

The chest pain is very awful at times, but only if I'm getting too anxious or scared about the palps, or my heart racing. If it gets really intense the heart pain starts, and sometimes without reason.

I didn't think about the activia having wheat in it :( I wont eat it again though. That's for sure. I just thought if I had canida that was harming my body it would cleanse it. I have tried to eat meat and it feels like it may come back up? I feel very full of water, but I'm dehydrated. I will try to get some grilled chicken tonight. Thank you so much for this suggestion. I've been practically sucking down vitamins and liquid for two months!

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