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Member Since 22 Aug 2010
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Disoriented, And Unable To Walk.

22 August 2010 - 04:50 PM

My name is Erin. I'm twenty, going to be twenty-one in September. I'm 5"3 and weigh 132ibs. My mother has celiac disease, and I always knew I had it but I just felt sick if I tried to drink alcohol, or eat too much junk food, so I didn't eat out much.

Within the past month I have found it difficult to breathe, sudden of my heart racing non stop. It gets so bad I feel like I might throw up or pass out. I get confused and can't focus well on anything, and feel well and nothing will calm the fast heart beat. I went to the hospital yesterday and have been a few times recently. They said my RHR was 130, blood test were normal,the lowest my heart rate went to was 100. I haven't been able to sleep I have constant insomnia and fatigue. I'm so tired.

I used to go walking every night and sometimes jog. Now I cannot even get up the stairs to my apartment, without having to come in panting and wheezing and having to lay on the bed. I am practically always laying in bed. I never want to go anywhere because I'm scared to have my heart beat as heavy as it gets. It no matter what all the time usually 90+ heart rate even while I'm laying around not doing excessive anything.

I thought possibly I have gotten Canida from have Celiac disease, so I got Actiiva yogurt, and now I cannot even eat it. I feel nausea eating practicully anything. It makes me very sick, I get dizzy my heart races and I feel very sick. I have trouble eating and if I eat too much or drink too much liquid it seems to sit on my stomach very heavy and I get palpitations. I started taking magnesium because my palpitations were so bad when all of this first started they were like 30 times a day, and would happen so intensively. I'm not sure what to do.. My doctor said my heart rate was fast, but no murmur.

I'm just very scared because I never have a normal resting heart rate. I don't think it's been normal for the past two months. I break out in a full body sweat if I even walk outside, and my heat intolerence is VERY high. I try not to eat much of anything (I've eaten miso soup) but I'm scared to eat anything else because my heart racing as much as it is now, if I eat something I don't want to worsen it. What can I eat? I'm starving :(

I'm scared that this is going to harm my heart before I go back in to the doctors and they figure it out. If anyone has any ideas about it please let me know, any information or any experience of their own I would truly apperciate it more than I can begin to express.

More symptoms I've had are:

Chest pain
Chest tightness
Stabbing feeling in stomach
Sore joints
Tingling all over hands feet and random spots
Severe Nausea
Flaking nails
Cold sweat on hands and feet
heat intolerant
ringing in ears
slowed walking/moving
arms feel heavy/dead/tired
inability to conprehend
pressure behind left eye

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