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Member Since 24 Aug 2010
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13 May 2011 - 11:58 AM

My Sister in law suffers from migraines, fibroids and cysts, and infertility issues among other things I'm sure . I know going gluten-free will help her and she is beginning to show interest in getting off her expensive migraine meds that don't work anyway.

My hesitation is that she works as a waitress. I know with how sensitive I am that I would be constantly sick in that job. I worry the same will be true for her.

Any advice? What do you do if you have a glutenous profession? Will she have to get out of that line of work like I think, or is there some other way? Just looking for some insight and feedback here.


Considering Getting A Copper IUD

11 March 2011 - 11:16 PM

I'm considering getting a Copper IUD put in. I've heard great things about them but I'd like to hear more stories from people before making my decision. Especially people that have had horrible cramping that may have gotten better after going gluten-free. Did you have problems with cramping return or?

At the 10 month mark being gluten-free and my cramps are nonexistent. I'd like to get off my Ortho but don't want to get pregnant.

Any insight is appreciated! :)

Something For The Pain Of A Glutening! I've Found It!

28 January 2011 - 02:24 AM

There is a product called D-Hist that I have been taking for the last few weeks whenever I get glutened. It helps significantly with the duration and severity of the symptoms but is not a cure by any means.

For example I still get brainfog, but it is lessened and the headache is either nonexistant or light.
I still move slowly and creakily but there is no joint pain.
I still have tight muscles and spasms but the stabbing pain isn't there.

My friend who is also hyper sensitive has taken it with similar results.

Dr. Rick (My Doctor and author of the Gluten Effect.) advised me to take it every hour for 6-8 hours after a glutening, the sooner after the better. It is an antiinflamatory supplement and something that your adrenal glands make naturally. Keeps the fire down.

I don't leave the house without it.

I have had no negative side effects from taking it. :) Hope this helps someone else! A quick Google search can tell you what is in it and so forth and give you a number of places to buy it from without need for a Doc.

What do you do to lessen a glutening?

Ultra Sunlight Dish Soap

23 November 2010 - 12:05 AM

Just thought I'd let folks know that as of November 2010 Ultra Sunlight Dish Soap is not gluten free.

It got me tonight. -_- Disguised itself in a Softsoap container at a friends house. I knew within one minute, no touching my mouth, no open cuts on my hands. So much for it not getting through the skin ne? <_<

Hope this helps to spare someone else.

That is all.

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