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Member Since 25 Aug 2010
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#640390 My First 3 Weeks And Questions

Posted by on 18 September 2010 - 05:34 AM

wheenleezdryver - Sorry you can relate, but thanks for the sympathy!:D

sandsurfgirl - Thank you AGAIN for your support and suggestions. I've added your food recs to my shopping list for today's journey to Whole Foods.:) My mother has now been the first to take a blood test and hers came up "normal", but I'm pretty sure either that's wrong or we're just majorly gluten intolerant (vs Celiac), because her life reads like a history book of Celiac and she's already responding profoundly to the gluten-free diet (begun right after the blood test). I myself think I just accidentally confirmed myself via a "gluten challenge" (in the form of CC), because after 3 weeks of amazing results, I got slammed and it has taken 6 days to start feeling good again. That's pretty much evidence enough for me! Never going back.:)

Thanks again, everyone!

Be well.
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#639189 My First 3 Weeks And Questions

Posted by on 13 September 2010 - 07:00 AM

First off, thanks to everyone who's already been so supportive already, this board is wonderful.

Okay, so yesterday marked my 3 week point being gluten free. Wow, what a ride it's already been.:D

There have been many positives already, and I'm hopeful for more over the next months. I'm much more limber, my head is clearer, I can eat and then go somewhere or do something (as opposed to my long standing life rule of "never eat before you go out!"). I've lost 5 pounds (I had 10 pounds I hate go on with no reason over the last couple of years and have a lifelong history of weight going on or off randomly without being influenced by diet or exercise, try as I might).

Weird stuff:

--The shift in the whole alignment of my intestines and midriff first caused me to hit my head on the floor during yoga (misjudging my limberness), then I found that though I have more stamina and am far less short of breath on dog walks around the neighborhood, I went through a week or two of my leg muscles getting really sore and tired when walking, because I'm apparently now using an all new set of muscles, my posture having shifted. They're slowly building up now, but that is SO weird. LOL I had "good" posture before, due to years of ballet and yoga, so it's not a visible change to others, but a very noticable change to me

--I can hold a pen and write longer without my shoulder blade cramping horribly (a serious problem since middle school).

--The OMG-I-MUST-HAVE-WHEAT-OR-I-WILL-STARVE-TO-DEATH effect has finally worn off, and I'm finding myself intrigued by healthy foods that never would have interested me before. (Used to be that no matter how full and healthy a meal I'd eaten, I would still feel a nagging hunger until I took at least one bite of a wheat biscuit and that would calm it).

I've been trying valiantly to maintain a dual household (still preparing gluten foods for my husband and son) and not get contaminated, but good grief this is hard. I HAVE NEVER WASHED MY HANDS SO MANY TIMES A DAY IN MY LIFE. And I'm going through disposable gloves like mad. I'm not baking (so no flour flying), but there is a constant need to prepare sandwiches, cereals, etc.. Trying my best to segregate the kitchen...

I hadn't been "glutened" to my knowledge, until two days ago. I have no idea what I got into or how, but two nights ago my stomach was puffed up and gurgly for the first time since coming off gluten, then yesterday morning my legs were itching and red again, and last night was the usual dizzy spell followed a few hours later by the inevitable cramps and D, then collapsing in bed to sleep it off. Today I will be sort of wrung out and sore and slightly tired, but recovering. This is a long standing syndrome/pattern for me, but I think I'm learning that it was gluten all along. Still have no idea how I got contaminated (assuming that is what happened, though it seems likely that it is). Or if maybe this is just occasional flare-ups during the detox, but seems kind of sudden and violent for that. Very frustrating...

Been more energetic sometimes and more tired others, which I suppose is normal. I have to give it time, right? I know, can't heal 38 years of damage in 3 weeks.:)

Any encouragement or insight (or just commiseration:)) is most welcome.:)

Oh, random question - does anyone else get nasal or sinus congestion or draining along with the gluten attacks? Seems to get mixed together for me.

Be well!
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