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Member Since 27 Aug 2010
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Operation: Pregnancy

13 October 2011 - 06:29 AM


I am just re-kindling my gluten/wheat issue research. I have been gluten free for about a year and a half, maybe a little longer. Shortly before going gluten-free I went refined fructose super-lite and right after going gluten-free I went grain, dairy, soy, and canola oil free. I have a long history of thyroid issues, rashes, dead intestines (leaky as all get out and had part of them removed 2 years ago), migraines, nerve issues, muscle issues, insmomnia, anxiety, fatigue, asthma, tons of secondary food allergies (mostly fruits)...the whole works. I am strict, the concept of 'cheating' is alien to me. My house is gluten-free. I know I have a long way to go toward healing my leaky gut but I also know I am the healthiest I have probably ever been in my life.

Since I am trying to get pregnant I realized that I have never researched this and need too. Anyway. I am 38. I had a pregnancy and birth 14 years ago. I was 24 and sick before during and after. I had no fertilty or delivery difficulties but I was not well durng the pregnancy. Tons of ridculously severe acid reflux, high blood pressure, water retention, migraines, thyroid was hard to stabalize, 'morning' sickness...and I was pushing that line between overweight and obeseity at conception and gained a lot of weight during. I know these things are 'normal' to an extent.

I don't really know what I am looking for, I am just starting my way through this thread right now. This is just a shout-out in case anyone out there has some adivce or a kernal of wisdom they'd like to throw back ;)


Apples And Peanuts

31 December 2010 - 11:22 AM

I eat a lot of apples and peanut butter (ground unbleached peanuts only) - usually with blue or blackberries. This is my fallback meal and I love it. However, I have heard about people having issues with high fructose fruits and peanuts as they heal. I am either becoming intolerant as well or I am getting glutenized somehow. Something is getting through...

My concern is that I might develop a sudden peanut allergey (I have a history of coming down with food allergies all of a sudden). And since I eat so much of it I am thinking that would be a bad scene indeed. Is there anyone out there who went gluten-free and then suddenly became intolerant to peanuts? Would be interested in sharing that experience?


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