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Venting About Lazy In-Laws

08 January 2014 - 09:05 AM

Grrrr.....I just need to vent. My 16-year-old was diagnosed 3 1/2 years ago, so all the grandparents have had plenty of time to get educated and used to this. My mother is an excellent cook, and my parents always go out of their way to be careful during holiday dinners so my daughter has safe choices. If my kids are staying at their house, they will have gluten-free breads, cereals, etc., for my daughter. My in-laws, however, while always aware of our daughter's needs and concerns, are much less interested in going out of their way to get food for her. Several times over the past year, when we've been invited over for take-out food (they don't cook), my MIL will ask me to please bring something for my daughter to eat. This weekend, she and my father-in-law are hosting a bagel brunch at their house. She just sent me a message this morning to please bring along gluten-free bread so my daughter has something to eat.


Are you kidding me? You invite us over and AGAIN ask us to bring our own food? Is it so much to ask that she throw a package of Udi's bagels into her cart??? You can find them everywhere here. I took a deep breath and nicely explained to her, yet again, that it really makes my daughter feel singled out to have to carry her own supplies with her everywhere and that she feels much more included when the food is waiting there for her, like it is for every other invited guest (the key is the word "invited," isn't it?) I understand that some people aren't comfortable cooking for a celiac, but come on! We're talking about bagels! What is the deal with her????

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