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In Topic: Gluten In All Grains!? Corn, Rice, Etc...?

04 March 2014 - 06:35 PM

I don't.  


I have a few additional intolerances besides celiac (soy, histamine, MSG, nitrates and food additives, for example) yet my villi are no longer damaged. (I had a biopsy in August after nearly 3 years post-DX) Aside from some intestinal scarring (totally common in long unDXed older celiacs), I have no evidence of active celiac and I eat G F grains.


Just because you have a "reaction" or do not feel well, it is not necessarily because your villi are damaged.


I have read everything there is on grains, grain- free paleo type diets,  and other food intolerances.... and in particular,  the assertions of the many "pseudo-docs" on the internet. They are chiropractors and various alternative health people who think they know what's best for celiacs. They don't. 


Some people do well on a totally grain free diet.  I felt pretty good when I did it for  2 months, but I missed oatmeal and rice, so I have added them back in small quantities and I feel fine.


Everyone is different, yes, but G F grains do not cause intestinal villous damage. The leading celiac specialists have said this over and over again, based on solid research.


The only way you will know if paleo works for you is to give it a good solid trial for 6 months. 


Read this article by Dr. Fasano, et al. You may find it interesting. And do not believe everything you read on the internet by people like Osborne, Clark, "Dr. tom" etc..... Choose wisely.




Dr Fasano's research makes the most sense to me and he believes a health microbiome brings us good health. (he is not the only one)


Take probiotics, if you aren't already.

Thanks!  I have been trying to be more vigilant about the probiotic, but I'm still not great at it.  I probably need to get an actual supplement instead of just trying to eat Kiefer.  I don't konw much about Dr. Osborne, and I haven't had the chance to really do research on what he was saying, though some of it did resonate with me, so I wanted to see if others felt they had the same issues.  I will read the article you shared as well.  Thanks for all the advice!

In Topic: Gluten In All Grains!? Corn, Rice, Etc...?

04 March 2014 - 05:22 PM

The gluten in grains other than wheat, rye, and barley is not the same. Many, many celiacs do just fine in the traditional gluten-free diet. It's true that SOME of us can't eat corn or other grains, but that is a totally different intolerance. Some of us can't eat nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant), but they contain no gluten. Some of us can't eat soy. Some are sensitive to salicylates or histamines.


Additional intolerances are a royal pain, but they are not related to gluten. They don't cause damage to the villi. They just make us feel lousy.


But if you feel better grain-free, then by all means, go grain-free.


So do you think that it is more common with people with celiac disease to have intollerances to these other glutens, and in that case, do you feel they can cause leaky gut, or any sort of damage to the intestines besides the villi?

In Topic: gluten-free For 2 Years, Now What?

22 January 2014 - 07:06 AM

Last week was the 2 year anniversary for me being diagnosed with celiac disease.  Overall I feel 100% better than I did two years ago.  Like most of you I have a few vitamin deficiencies to deal with.  So here I am still dealing with other issues.  For the last year and a half I've gained 15lbs (i know this can be related to celiac disease)  Extreme tiredness for the last 4-5 weeks, I have had issues with my hair and skin being dry, Brittle nails. I get 8-9 hours of sleep a night and yet still tired daily to the extreme.  Tired of being tired.   I have been tested for my thryroid but it's been a year or more since the last test.  I have emailed my doctor about following up with her.  


So for all you who have been gluten-free for awhile does this seem par for the course?  Knowing my luck my Doc will tell me it's all still related to my celiac disease but not much more I can do at home to be gluten-free at this point.  Have any of you had normal thyroid test and then within a year that changed?  TIA for any info you may have. 



Have you had any luck with figuring out what was making you so tired, or how to have more energy.  I've been gluten-free for about 3 years now.  Overall I feel so much better, but over the last few months I have been extremely tired again.  I started taking vitamins and those seem to be helping, but I feel like fatigue is a pretty consistent issue with me.

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