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Always Hungry- Hormone Crazy

04 September 2010 - 06:28 AM

The past couple of years have been a rollercoaster for me. It started by me losing my period (at age 20) and then losing a lot of weight (and I was thin to begin with). Then like a boomerang I started getting hungry all the time. I was constantly eating and couldn't even sleep because I would have to eat all night just to keep up. If I did sleep it would only be for an hour or two and I would have night sweats and often nightmares. My stomach looks like a very pregnant woman against a small frame, but I just can't stop eating because I feel starving!!! The doctors did a lot of blood tests and found nothing conclusive. Finally someone suggested the gluten intolerance thing, and I had never even heard of it. It made sense because gluten is what I was eating constantly! A couple boxes of cereal, a couple loaves of bread, pasta, bagels, pizza, could all be consumed in one day and I still felt starving. Anyways, I tried to stop eating gluten for a while and asked the doctor to test for gluten so they did and it came back negative. So I went back to eating gluten. I have since gained 50 pounds. I will try the gluten-free thing for a week or two, but two weeks is the longest I have been able to do it, and I can lose like 10 pounds, but then I go back to gluten because I am not 100% sure that it is the culprit. I have asked for an endoscopy to be sure but they say it wouldn't show anything really and they keep pushing back my appt, now it is set for a month and a half from now. I feel like I should just stick with the gluten-free thing, because when I do I can actually sleep and I start to feel less hungry BUT then I miss my wheat and go back to it because I don't have hard evidence not to, for example, maybe it is just psychological. Maybe I avoid wheat to lose weight, but then cave? I honestly don't think it is psychological. I feel genuinely starving even when I eat all the time. Has anybody found a way to test for gluten intolerance that tested positive even when the blood tests came back negative???

Also, when I do feel better and sleep is when I not only cut out gluten, but also corn and dairy. Does anybody else have this?
Thanks for reading my long post. I just feel so fed up with this and I am tired of being asked if I am pregnant!!

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