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Member Since 04 Sep 2010
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Udi's Chia And Millet Bread

06 December 2012 - 12:30 PM

Have any of you had a reaction after eating Udi's Chia and Millet bread? I loved it at first, but had been having symptoms after starting to eat a few slices in a PB sandwich every few days. The store ran out and I couldn't be more glad. My symptoms disappeared. Just curious. Maybe it was something else I was consuming. I was just having bad digestive and joint reactions with this in my diet.

Joint Pain

18 January 2012 - 09:37 PM

Last Friday, I suspect I ingested gluten some time that afternoon (although I'm not sure from what). I handled dog treats given to me by the bank and didn't wash my hands afterward. I think I had a snack just a bit later. I spent the dinner hour that night on the toilet (and had no appetite). The following day, I was dizzy and "hung over" feeling. On Sunday and Monday, I was also feeling extra tired. On Tuesday, my hand started hurting in the same place I had a tendon issue before Christmas. (I had taken an antibiotic that apparently can give folks tendonitis. Leave it to me to get tendonitis!)

I use my hands hours and hours a day for work. It's not uncommon for folks in my field to get tendon injuries. However, I feel like my issues resolve when I'm all the way gluten free. When I gave up gluten, I was battling joint pain in my shoulder and neck. It would come back when I got gluten. It seems to have completely resolved at this point.

I am diligently doing PT exercises to heal my hand again. I am taking vitamins. I am eating a very bland gluten free diet until I feel like I've shaken whatever got me.

Has anyone else had recurring tendon problems after gluten ingestion?

I am considering giving up dairy and soy, but I don't want to if I don't have to. (I find it hard to get enough calories otherwise.)

I have been gluten free for more than 18 months. I have never intentionally ingested gluten since I quit.

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