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In Topic: Looking For An Integrative/alternative Medicine Doc In The South Jersey/phill...

28 October 2013 - 07:26 PM

Hi Joni-


Thanks for the reply; sorry for the extremely tardy response. I found an integrative medicine doctor in collingswood that I'm scheduled to see in approximately a month; currently on Armour, but likely need to increase the dosage; also have read that while meds may help manage hashimotos, it's best to deal with the underlying immune response...which can be quite complicated -- diet, adrenals, blood sugar, etc.


Did anything come of your blood work and appointment with Dr. Phillips?  

In Topic: Help! 3-Year Since Celiac Diagnosis And It's Been All Downhill!

18 July 2013 - 07:21 PM

Thanks all for the feedback. I wish this wasn't all so confusing. Frankly, I felt a 1000% better before being diagnosed. It's as if switching to a gluten free diet started a downward cascade of autoimmune-associated conditions. My plan is to have a second food allergy panel and this time, follow it. I loosely followed the original results because my highly regarded GI doc totally dismissed the food allergy panel. However, at this point, I am not dismissing anything. I would also like to more aggressively pursue other possible endocrine-related conditions: diabetes and adrenal function (addisons, etc). I mention these two areas because:


A: I have had extreme brain fog, feeling both extremely fatigued and wired at the same time, waking-up feeling exhausted (no matter how much sleep I get), extreme thirst, excessive urination, etc,

B: I have had elevated blood glucose levels for a while (100 - 108) and an elevated ACTH (70.3); plenty of other labs outside the range, in the bottom quartile or upper quartile too.


The symptoms are very disturbing and have made it impossible for me to work a full-time job. It's been a long slide since 2010. I need to figure out what the heck is going on and do so quickly! Maybe consulting an alternative/integrative medicine doctor will help?


Any and all suggestions welcome.

In Topic: Help! 3-Year Since Celiac Diagnosis And It's Been All Downhill!

13 June 2013 - 05:01 PM

I distinctly remember feeling the impact of taking Armour Thyroid back in 1997 for the first time.  Within three days I finally felt normal!  It was just what I needed to finally feel good after battling candida and food allergies.  After that, I was participating in Triathlons!


I think the fact that you didn't eliminate those foods that you tested high on and didn't follow the recommended rotation is what's doing you in!  


Despite being gluten-free for 10 weeks, I still have to address my food allergies that were diagnosed by my MD back in 1996.   They haven't gone away, but one can always hope!  I completely stopped eating those foods that I tested high on and rotated (4 day) those that I only only tested mildly to.  I also rotated the foods that I didn't have problems to prevent developing further allergies.  Took about 8 months to 1 year, but I calmed the "fire" (inflammation) down and was able to introduce some of those foods in tiny portions (e.g. eggs in baked goods only).  


I will not ever cheat on gluten, but when I get exposed to one of my bad foods, it's just like being gluten-ed.  I get fatigue, body aches and nasal congestion, etc.  


I'm low on iron too, but I'm taking 65 mg. a day, along with Vitamin C for better absorption.  The GI wanted me to take two tablets, but that's too much!  I'll work my way up to that if needed.  Being low on iron (ferritin levels) can really make you feel fatigued as well.  


Good luck!


P.S.  If I had to say which caused me the most fatigue it would be anemia, followed by my thyroid and then the allergies which is usually only temporary (two day recovery).  

Interesting. So, you are taking an iron supplement. I guess it doesn't upset your stomach? I can't decide which sucks more, the fatigue, the stomach aches, the brain fog or...I'll just go with D: All of the Above!

In Topic: Help! 3-Year Since Celiac Diagnosis And It's Been All Downhill!

13 June 2013 - 04:55 PM

I appreciate the encouragement. I wish I didn't have to continually educate myself; love the stories about folks who go on a gluten-free diet and voila...instant health!! As for me, the gluten-free diet immediately produced some rather nasty withdrawal symptoms...which I guess was a precursor to the rest of the health issues that followed. Also, I found some of the lab results you had inquired about.


T4: 1.12




Iron Saturation: 11 (range 15 -  55)

Iron Serum: 28 (range 40 - 155)

PTH: 12 (15 - 65) This # has been low for a long time


among other results that are periodically outside the recommended range. I know that these #s may mean something or they may not.

In Topic: Help! 3-Year Since Celiac Diagnosis And It's Been All Downhill!

13 June 2013 - 03:59 PM

Hi Gemini,


Thanks for the response. My thyroid #s were not horrible. My TSH has typically been between the low 2s and mid 4s. I know that's within the American range, but have read that for some, even a slight move can be troublesome. What finally inspired my endocrine to put me on tirosint was the TPO level, which I believe was 100, with the high end of the desired range in the low 30s; don't recall the T3 and T4, but suspect that they too were within the desired range.


The name brand meds above are all listed on the glutenfreedrugs site, but I'm not entirely sure about generic. Regardless, I am going to call the manufacturers and get confirmation straight from the horses mouth. Also, when I took that food allergen panel, I tested positive to corn; not sure how to entirely remove that from my diet, unless, I guess, I get some of the meds compounded. Think I need to go down that road?

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