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In Topic: Intro And Questions About Testing Options

21 September 2010 - 10:38 AM

Allergy Testing all came back negative. No Food allergies. So we can mark that off the list and move on.

Last night and this morning were bad. She didn't sleep much last night because her stomach hurt so bad: burning, gas, lots of bloating and cramping and "d". I could hear her gut just sitting next to her. I kept her home for a while this morning until she was doing a little better.

The interesting thing is that last night is the first time since we started gluten-free over a week ago that I didn't prepare or supervise the preparation of her food. My older DD made gluten-free cornbread and when it was put on the table I thought to myself "Uh oh. I think there is probably a chance of CC from this." I forget to tell her to use paper wrappers and to wash the pan completely before using it.

Maybe I am reading way to much into it, but it seems very interesting that after the first time I suspect there could have been cc she takes a turn for the worse after doing better.

I need to keep her gluten-free for at least another week or two before putting her back on gluten and see what happens.

In Topic: Intro And Questions About Testing Options

15 September 2010 - 10:23 AM

Saw the allergist today and are going to have Food Allergy testing on Monday. We aren't really expecting anything to show up positive, but then again I am not really sure what to expect at this point. I love my allergist though and she agreed that this is the best place to start to begin to rule things out and narrow down the options. She is the first Doctor to really take me seriously and to completely empathize with how hard it is to see my baby in so much pain and misery. Interestingly she is going to test her for the "Top 8" and for a beef/mammal meat allergy. She said there is new research on this type of allergy with many of the same symptoms.

Today is one full week gluten-free and she ate breakfast this morning for the first time in several weeks. Said her stomach hurt when she woke up, but she said it passed quickly. And she had a normal BM this morning. A girl in her class is gluten-free and it is her birthday today. DD was so excited because her classmate brought 3 gluten-free cupcakes to make sure that DD could have one (and said she would share the 3rd one with her!). She was very eager to make it back to school before lunch so she could have that cupcake! :)

In Topic: Intro And Questions About Testing Options

14 September 2010 - 12:25 PM

The waking up with a sick stomach is a hallmark of celiac. IBS doesn't wake someone up out of a sound sleep. So don't let them tell you she simply has IBS.

Really??? I hadn't seen anything about that and was actually worried that since she is mostly the sickest in the mornings that wouldn't mean it is food related. And of course the drs just say that means she is just trying to get out of going to school (already been told that several times :angry: ). But I know my child and I know that she loves school and hates staying home and doesn't "fake" being sick. And no child wakes up in Disneyworld and "fakes" being too sick to go to the parks-- she was sick most of the week we were on vacation the beginning of the month, as well as much of the summer. This child broke her toe this summer and didn't tell anyone for over 8 hours because she didn't want to have to end her playdate! She is tough and if she is crying because she doesn't feel well then it is serious.

It sure seems like more and more pieces of the puzzle keep falling into place. Thank you all so much for your input and support. It means so much to me right now.

In Topic: Intro And Questions About Testing Options

14 September 2010 - 06:01 AM

YIKES! That is crazy. Thanks for telling me! We will definitely skip the DNA thing. Sometimes I really wonder about doctors. I am finding it very interesting that it seems that Food companies are more aware of Celiac/Gluten Free needs than the medical community! Even a few obscure things that I have looked up online say whether it is gluten-free or not.

We have another dr appointment tomorrow. I was getting my allergy shots yesterday and mentioned her problems to the nurse/staff. They said that the Dr. should see her so we are going in. She saw her for general allergies (nasal symptoms) last spring but I don't think that I mentioned all the stomach issues. I really like this dr and she seems to really stay on top of current research and has a lot of in depth knowledge, always answers all my questions, and offers all options so I am being very optimistic. Obviously if she does want to order any tests for Celiac (can/would an allergist do that?)we will have to drop the gluten-free and go back to gluten earlier than I had planned.

Her symptoms are still kind of up and down. Not the can't get out of the bathroom type of diarrhea, but still the cramping, must go NOW stuff, headache, and the tummy upset waking her up. But I wasn't expecting a quick miracle! ;) Going to make a full list of symptoms so I don't forget anything when we go in.

In Topic: Intro And Questions About Testing Options

12 September 2010 - 03:53 PM

Thank you! I have printed that out to keep in my growing pile of reference material. Not sure that I understand a word that it says though! :blink:

I keep seeing people talk about doing DNA testing? What does that involve and what is the purpose?

I am also wondering if these blood tests would be inaccurate if she is possibly in the early stages of this getting bad so not much damage has been done yet?

My head is still just swimming. I probably need to stop researching the issue, and just focus on the dietary changes. I am actually finding the information on celiac to be very intriguing and have definitely found some things to make me think. I am also thinking that I am going to check with my dr to see if I have been tested.

We are very fortunate that the school is very supportive and I have no problems with them. In fact there is a girl in her class that is already gluten-free and another one with a dairy allergy, along with others in her grade with peanut/nut allergies. So they are very careful about what is going on and I don't need a dx to have them involved. Since she was dx with lactose intolerance 3 years ago I have had several calls each year from her teacher or the nurse to check on things when they were unsure if she needed the meds or not-- they always call if they are in doubt. I have talked with her teacher and the nurse and they are on board with whatever I want from them with any dietary changes they try. The school nurse has seen her at her worst and knows how bad her problems are.

We are on day four and she is already feeling some better. No diarrhea since Wednesday, cramping less often and with less severity. Is it because of the gluten-free? Don't know, but if it keeps her from crying in pain on the couch then it is worth it!