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Seeing Doctor Tomorrow- What Tests? Cost?

14 September 2010 - 05:44 PM

I was sent this site from a friend, who recently has gone gluten-free. After listening to her, and having a longer talk with some extended family members, I am going to see my doctor tomorrow. I certainly can go into symptoms and whatnot, but I am personally convinced I have hypothroid (mom gma, all 3 aunts on one side, and gma and 3 aunts on the other side are already diagnosed), and at least am gluten sensitive (The amount of auto-immune and GI diseases in my family is staggering). I think the tests will help my husband more than me. He still believes doctors know what they are doing. We've already had the talk about false negatives and such, but I am still going to be tested.

All of that said, I am seeing my doctor tomorrow and I will be having a talk with her about both thyroid and gluten. My head is literally spinning with the alphabet soup of antibodies and test names. I can't even keep straight everything I have read. I am wondering if there is a test that screens for a bunch of things? and what that is called? What I should specifically ask my doctor to test me for...

And, I know no one likes to talk about money, but I have absolutely NO idea what a blood test of any type will cost. They cost somewhere between $65-$140 on average for my dog LOL My insurance says this (to follow) does this mean that diagnostic blood tests are covered, or that they are covered after $1000? (The office is of course closed)

Diagnostic Lab 1
A laboratory test of biological samples, used to assist in the diagnosis of a medical condition.
Additional Information
A diagnostic lab can be either free-standing i.e., separate from a hospital or within a hospital. Its services include blood tests, screenings, nuclear medicine, pathology evaluations, and more.
Your In Plan Network Benefits
Co-Insurance 100.00%
Deductible Individual CAT/MRA/MRI/PET/SPEC $1000.00
Co-Insurance CAT/MRA/MRI/PET/SPEC 80.00%

Thank you so very very much for any help you can give.

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