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In Topic: Still Nauseas, But Finally Making A Connection...

06 December 2010 - 07:08 PM

Thanks Skylark, great link

Coincidentally, RPAH is in my ‘strategic plan’, which I’ve drawn-up, not only because I became overwhelmed with information (and needed 'baby-steps'), but also because I wanted to ascertain as ‘scientifically and medically as possible’ what my body does not tolerate, and what it needs. A baseline for my future life, really.

My last three months are in my signature below. And now: Dec is for getting food-safe at social/festive occasions. Jan is for blood tests. Feb is for seeing how vitamin etc supplements affect me. March for checking out RPAH.

Back on topic: I think estrogen is my problem with eggs and meat, even estrogen naturally occurring in free-range animal products. I’ve had a hormonal imbalance (progesterone v estrogen) since puberty, when the gastro problems began. I now think (just as a lay-person) the hormonal and intolerance issues are very much linked. I'll see how I go with RPAH next year. ta

In Topic: Still Nauseas, But Finally Making A Connection...

03 December 2010 - 08:38 PM

I have been meat-and-egg free for seven years. This is because they seriously and directly upset my female hormones. This includes, surprisingly, the organic and free-range animal products. Thought I’d mention my experience, just in case you or your daughters are having a tricky time with puberty or anything reproductively related.

I get really ill, not only hormonally, after some meat or egg ‘sneaks’ into my food. People can be well-meaning, want to fatten one up etc. but my body reacts and I literally have to sweat it out for a week. Every bit of my body just rejects them.

Now that I finally know I have other intolerances, I take my own food and utensils everywhere, with big bowls of yummy safe salads to share, if it is a party.

I’m aware that a restricted diet (and intolerances/malabsorption) can result in vitamin etc deficiencies, so I am taking tests with a new doctor in January 2011. I think these tests are important for all of us, especially if we cut out meat etc.

In Topic: Disapointed...

26 November 2010 - 08:35 PM

Hi Bigbread, yes Damn indeed! I’m a bit of a newbie too. My first post was two months ago and similar to yours. I spent lots of money, and craved, finally! answers and a definition to prove I was not crazy/lazy/hopeless. The medical profession let me down. But like you I jumped on this forum and got informed and caring advice.

My blood tests were positive, my genes also, my symptoms many and severe and consistent with celiac, but the endoscopy/biopsy said ‘no’. So they closed the medical door, telling me that ‘mental illness often manifests in physical symptoms’. Oh and the next week phoned to say ‘by the way you are severely Lactose Intolerant’.

Unlike you I do not have dermo problems, except for one whole year after a miscarriage in my early twenties I did have this strange acne (like an under-skin disease) on my face (when I had bypassed that horror in my teens). So best to listen to those here who are more informed in that area.

The really funny thing I read on this Forum and I always keep in my oft-times foggy-head:

If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck… then it is a duck.
(duck = intolerances/celiac).

So, I went 100% gluten free two months ago. Felt better. Got accidentally cross-contaminated last week and spent the next few days confined to bed and with fatigue, tight calf muscles, sore neck and shoulders, and really sore mouth lips (a new symptom). So if I had any ‘Gluten Intolerance doubts/denial’ they are gone. 100% careful now.

All the best, t

In Topic: South Aussie Seeking Informed Dietician

31 October 2010 - 06:58 PM

Thanks so much Georgie, I would really appreciate a PM re your GP's contact details. (And please forgive my techie ignorance... but does a PM just arrive at 'My Profile' page? Or should I enable something?)

Many thanks also to Cranberry, I followed your link (above) to the new Sue Shepherd base in Adelaide and am booked in for next Wednesday! As they are so very new here they do not yethave long waiting lists. V friendly and informative too.

I'm walking on sunshine, so good to learn that there are informed medics/dieticians here in lovely Adelaide. And it does feel kind of weird that on this international forum, one can casually mention The Central Market and The Parade (I almost literally live between them). Have you heard of 'Free' cafe/store on Unley Rd?

In Topic: South Aussie Seeking Informed Dietician

30 October 2010 - 11:38 PM

Thank you, and apols for the delay in response. I've just been in such brain-fog etc and can't even get my head around how to track my posts etc.

Am thrilled to hear Sue Shepherd has a base/colleague in Adelaide. I'll contact them.

Again, many thanks, Tarni

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