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In Topic: Celiacs In Santa Barbara

27 February 2011 - 12:30 AM

The facebook page is now officially up. Gluten free Santa Barbara. still adding content, message me if you want me to add something and no I still can't get the picture the right size due to facebooks's layout change, there is no longer a resize photo button for page photos. Hopefully there will be one next update.

The club is still unofficial, we haven't picked a set meeting time yet so we are still meeting in my apartment for the minute. Anyone have a time preference? I think I can get the San Clemente activities room if we have enough notice, especially since one of the RC's in charge of it has a girlfriend with celiac disease. Since most of you prefer to send me emails or facebook messages, you know where to reach me. I am not sure why I am bothering to post this on this forum since you all look at it here, but then log on to facebook to message me, but I figure the more exposure the better.

I will post an update after finals are over.

In Topic: Celiacs In Santa Barbara

08 February 2011 - 06:58 PM

Hi everyone,

Been rather busy this quarter but we have some good news. There will be a club organized at UCSB sometime spring quarter. We are setting up a Facebook page in our free time and will post the link when we are ready. The club will be open to all people with allergies, since the pool of people with celiac disease at Santa Barbara is small. If you are interested in volunteering send me a message. We already got two co-presidents (Yay! not doing it completely alone) and are looking for people willing to help out or at least eat gluten free cookies and give moral support. We will post more when we have time.

T-Minus 4 weeks to Spring Quarter

In Topic: Celiacs In Santa Barbara

09 December 2010 - 02:04 PM

I am finding it deeply ironic that of the 234 people who looked at this post according to the counter on the page as of when I started writing, of the half dozen celiacs at UCSB who have contacted me, two of which went to the trouble of tracking me down in the dorms to meet me in person, not one person has commented on this post. I have been contact by almost every electronic means, except a reply on this forum. Is there something about UCSB that makes people here allergic to forums?

Anyway, Good Luck on Finals Everyone and Happy Holidays! Hope to see you all when school starts again in January.

In Topic: Eating In College

21 October 2010 - 09:31 PM

What kind of gluten-free foods did your school offer? My school doesn't really have a lot for me to eat and I know there are a lot of others with Celiac's on campus as well. The dining services asks for suggestions and I'm not really sure what to ask for because I've only been gluten-free for 4 months.

I have had similar issues at UC Santa Barbara. I can eat many things on the menu, meats, dairy items, vegetables and fruit, but hardly any of the grain based dishes unless I bring in or make something myself, like when I made gluten free brownies for a social event last week. Many of the dishes can be made gluten free with simple substitutions. Such as providing corn or rice tortillas for people who canít have flour tortillas, substituting gluten free spices for gluten containing spices (not a big issue since most spices are gluten free if they are pure), holding sauces or putting them on at a separate station in the food line, etc.

You might want to suggest Tinkyada gluten free pastas. They are found at Whole Foods, Lasenís, on the web and at some restaurant supply places so they are easy to get. They have several dozen varieties made from various gluten free substances so its very easy to get something everyone can have even if they have multiple allergies. They can be substituted in to make almost any dish gluten free.

One last thing, when you try to explain celiac disease to your dining hall manager, please please with cherries on top, on behalf of all celiacs, try to explain how celiac disease affects people in general, not just your own particular allergies. The last person with celiac disease who talked to the dining hall manager at UCSB before me told him that all celiacs were allergic to corn and potatoes and could have oats and buckwheat. Since all four of the other celiacs attending UCSB that I know of can all have corn and/or potatoes, but get sick on either oats, buckwheat or both, you can tell how much trouble this caused when we started school this year before we got it sorted out.

In Topic: Mexican Restaurants

18 October 2010 - 11:19 PM

Lares in Santa Monica, California is the best Mexican restaurant that I have been able to eat at. Be warned, its small and busy during the lunch hour so try to get there during the off times otherwise you will have a hard time getting you questions answered. I have been able to eat at Acapulco's, but you have to ask a lot of questions if you want to eat there safely, starting with is the meat in a particular dish marinated and with what, and going on to what type of tortillas are you using today. There is an entire thread devoted to this restaurant. if you don't mind Tex-Mex, Rubio's has a lot of gluten free things on their menu and has allergen information on their web site. look at the bottom of the screen. I actually like their stuff better than most Mexican restaurants because I can eat there safely. Chipole's has gluten free stuff, but I have run into cross contamination issues there, usually I only eat there as a backup choice. I have been able to eat at most Mexican restaurants, but it pays to either speak spanish or go to one where the manager speaks english. I always have to ask a ton of questions. NO PAN = NO Bread. They sell these little cards in various languages that basically explain what gluten is and ask not to be fed it, these are really useful if you are having trouble being understood.

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