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Member Since 22 Sep 2010
Offline Last Active Dec 29 2010 04:05 PM

Topics I've Started

Interesting Article About Autoimmune Diease

07 December 2010 - 07:07 PM

I'm not sure how popular this article is, but somebody over at another forum linked me to it. Sorry if it's old news! It give me a wealth of knowledge, that I didn't previously have. Despite tens of hours of reading about Celiacs. It explains what autoimmune disorders are, their possible causes and the links with the gut and even explains why we're sick, from a cellular level.

I did post a link, on another thread I made but the thread was about UK Dr's and fear most of you will never read it! haha

I've not quite digested it all yet. I'll need to read it a couple of times to fully understand, but it's a very interesting read. It's a huge post, so be warned. But it somehow kept my attention.

The article isn't focused on Celiacs but more on autoimmune disorders but it's very apt.

Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think. Understanding Autoimmune Diseases

Finding A Private Dr

06 December 2010 - 05:46 PM

Hey guys, hope you're all well and excited for Christmas!

I'm now 3 months in to my gluten free diet. I'm still suffering with brain fog, terrible fatigue, sore eyes. These are the issues that bother me most, as they're 24/7 and have been for over 15 years and it's really driving me nuts.

My Dr sucks, he was reluctant to do any tests. I'm not sure what I was supposed to do, to ensure he understood how desperate I was, short of collapsing on his floor.

The only tests he wants to do was Iron and Thyroid. Though the Thyroid tests were merely TSH, which come out at 0.7. I've since learned that, there are various reasons why TSH can be low, and still have low Free T3 and T4. But he said the clinic won't test for the others, as my TSH is normal.

Well, I have this nagging feeling, that I have a thyroid issue. I have nearly every symptom and the way I feel, just isn't damn normal and I'm sick and tired of dealing with it. I want to be well and I'm not going to give in, because my Dr is a tit.

So, I want to find a reliable, private Dr, in the London area of the UK. But I have no idea where to start.

What I really want, is not to even talk to anybody, but have a full blood test, that covers everything and will tell me what I need to know and give me some direction.

Any advice, links, suggestions, would be awesome.

Thanks a lot guys :)

Today I'm Feeling Pretty Good!

25 November 2010 - 09:36 AM

This is in some ways, a bit of a pointless topic. As I'm not asking for help or offering help. Though maybe it could act as encouragement to those at a similar stage to me.

Today, for the first time in AGES, I've had a good day. I feel well enough to work, I'm actually pretty focused and getting stuff done. It feels great. Still tired and certainly not normal, but it's a big step up from where I've been.

Strangely, it's come only a couple of days after eating a big mac. Which effected me for a few days but today, I do feel much better than usual. Maybe it give my body some kind of a kick. Who knows.

For the first time, in these two months of being gluten free, I've actually felt there's maybe hope for me yet!

Thanks to everybody here, for awesome advice and encouragement. I figured it was worth celebrating, so I've even got my santa hat on! haha :)

So Confused. Celiac Or Not

23 November 2010 - 10:36 AM

Hey guys,

As some of you will know, my Dr sucks and after a negative test for Hypothyroidism, he didn't want to test for Celiacs. So I did 2 home tests with the Biocard. Which is the same procedure that most labs will use. Both tests were positive. The tests, test for gluten antibodies in your blood. If you have them, I cannot see why other than celiacs?

I followed a gluten free diet for 8 weeks. I still feel really tired. I then received a letter through the post, asking me to go for a follow up appointment at the Dr's, so I went along and explained what I'd been doing. He said he doesn't know how accurate these home tests are, and he seemed doubtful that I had celiacs, because my B levels were average and my iron, though bottom end of normal, I still had a normal blood count.

So I thought screw this, I went to Mcdonalds and had a big mac, expecting that if I do have celiacs, I'd instantly be crippled over in pain. However, I wasn't. I got terribly bloated, like I've never really had before. Slight stomach discomfort and today my fatigue is so bad, I've just got out of bed at 6pm. But I don't know what to think now. I don't have diarrhea and didn't get terrible stomach pains.

I asked to see the Hypothroidism test results. But only one reading was taken and it was 0.7. I think it was TSH? Hmmm. As he said it was normal. I'm guessing nothing to concern myself with there.

I hate my Dr for putting me in this position. I don't know what to do next.

Thanks for any advice.

It's Easier To Just Not Eat

14 November 2010 - 03:32 PM

This elimination diet is too hard. It's so limited I just don't want to eat. Today I've eaten a Banana, slice of ham and a gluten free chocolate bar (bad I know). Watching the family tuck in to Pepperoni pizza was fun. Luckily my family and friends are great, they weren't going to eat pizza as I couldn't, but I don't want everybody to do without nice food, just because I can't have it.

Anyway, I'm literally out of ideas for what to eat. How much can you do with meat, veg and fruit? I don't enjoy veg without gravy and can't really even have gluten free gravy on the elimination diet. Meat is now often making me gag, I just don't want to eat anymore of it.

I concluded today, that I need just eat the bare minimum and hope that I can successfully reintroduce at least some foods I'll enjoy in the near future. Otherwise this is it, eating the minimal amount of survive OR be ill from eating the stuff I enjoy. Great choices.

I am an extremely fussy eater anyway. I liked what I liked and that was that. So trying stuff like hemp milk would make me gag, no matter what it tastes like. Odd I know, but if it's foreign to me, I won't enjoy it.

Oh boy, not a happy bunny today.

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