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In Topic: Supplements

17 June 2011 - 09:44 AM

Hi IrishHeart!!

Thank you soo much for all your help! you have given me hope and invaluable advice over the past few months your really sweet :) BTW My tests all came back NEG I still aint got my hair mineral analysis results back (due next week!)my doctor is almost convinced I suffer from CFS but I have told him I disagree as I know my problem stems in the GUT!!

I have also decided to ignore my weight loss and concentrate on healing my gut which in theory should calm my immune system down! My diet at the moment is very restricted i eat just boiled chicken and rice trying to ensure I eat small meals thoughout the day SLOWLY I have a terrible habbit of eating food wayy too fast it literally doesnt touch the sides which must be causing my digestive system so much stress! an I took your advice an ditched my old probiotics which contained bizarre ingrediants such as sulfites and gelatine and replaced them with the new ones mentioned above which are way more powerful and more importantly more natural! I feel about 60% which is not amazing but its a start considering the past few months ive wanted to jump off a bridge its been that bad! lol

How are you anyway? you recovering from the snickers incident? :P

Jay :)

In Topic: Ive Lost Everything

27 May 2011 - 02:24 PM

I have fasted for 2 days and my brain fog has 80% gone! what does this mean?

I normally eat lamb turky, sweet ,spinach, brocolli, carrots, garlic, sprouts

I have large meals and I eat really fast finish a large meal in 10 mins I cant slow down, its a bad habit ive had since childhood. I wonder if thats my problem! I have eaten lamb and spinich today and my brain fog is back!

im in a bad way these days im watching my life waste away im really skinny I cant look at myself in the mirror I have tests lined hair mineral analysis, parasite screening and bacteria balance in the gut. I used to be a sporty active person who got top grades in school and now im just a weak 23 year old with a low exercise intolerance and even remember my telephone number which ive had for years due to this brain fog. :(

In Topic: Ive Lost Everything

24 May 2011 - 11:18 AM

I had all the same symptoms you list and dozens more. I truly hear your pain in your words.

Do NOT despair. Your continuing symptoms, given the fact that you are gluten free since last August, suggest possible nutritional deficiencies. Are you sure you're not still ingesting gluten somehow?

You may be severely anemic. B-12, folate and iron deficiencies are quite common in celiacs and I suggest having those tested immediately. They are often the cause for mood swings and depression and insomnia. Also, low vitamin D levels will leave someone depressed and feeling "foggy".

If your doctor will not listen, you need to find a new one and fast! It took me 3 years to get a proper diagnosis. Your symptoms need to be taken seriously, hon.

Do not give up hope!!

Thank you so much for the useful information! I admire your resiliance and determination and my heart goes out to you in finding the cause of this debilitating problem :( I have so many dreams of living healthy and enjoying life and it is upseting that i divert all my energy into overcoming my health problems! I have been supplementing calcium vitamin b complex magnesium vitamin D im weary of them as they contain maltodextrin or dextrose at the moment im not supplementing Iron which i will start doing from tomorrow and im going to do a full clear out of my kitchen knifes, forks pans are all getting replaced! Have you not considered heavy metal poisoning for your problems? all my research is leading to Stress, Candida Leaky Gut or heavy metal poisoning all of which im going to addressing one by one until ive found what is causing my body so much distress!

In Topic: Brain Fog

09 May 2011 - 03:36 PM

Vitamins ..the B vitamins especially, but also calcium,D,C,E,K, iron, magnesium and zinc.
Brain fog can be nutritional deficiency related.

Just curious...What meat do you eat if you avoid all beef, pork, chicken and fish?

Is it wild game?

I eat Turkey Duck Lamb Quail and Goat and rotate them every 4 days... im scared that my brain fog will never go! im considering cutting out some veg and even toothpaste ill try the vitamins calcium and iron supplements and hope this brain fog lifts!

In Topic: Coping With Brain Fog

16 March 2011 - 01:21 PM

Thank you everyone for all the great replies! I think I might go Soy free for awhile and see if there is any improvement :) Ill also get some B3 complex tablets i seen today at my local vitamin store and start drinking green tea see if theres any improvment :)

Thanks again for the replies god bless :)

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