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In Topic: Desperately Needing Some Answers, Please!

16 April 2011 - 03:01 PM

1. Although Frito Lay has a long list of stuff that is gluten free most is produced in a shared facility and the risk of CC is high. If you go to their gluten free list they do state that at the very bottom. The only products of thiers that haven't given me off and on CCings are the plain chips and Fritos.
2. Yes Rice Krispies and the treats have gluten. They use barely malt. I heard they may be coming out with a gluten free rice crispies though I don't know when and it will say gluten-free on the box. Chex cereals are gluten free.
3. I like Udi's and it is often on sale for about $3.50 at my local Wegmans. I also like Grainless Baker and Kinnickinnick will do if they are out of the others. Kinni also makes a 4 pack of pizza crust that I find nice to keep on hand. Kinni stuff is available by mail order but it does have to be kept frozen until used. I've never checked to see if the Udi's and GB can be ordered in bulk but maybe someone else will know.
4. I don't know about mail order entrees but at a larger Wegmans close to me they have a selection of Glutenfreeda items. I buy the burritos and those are about $1.79 and with a bowl of rice they make an okay meal. Dinty Moore Beef stew is another staple that is pretty cheap, the ones in the can are marked gluten-free. I also get Jimmy Dean's Breakfast Skillets with potatoes, peppers and onions and either sausage or bacon. They are about $5 a bag and for one person will make up to 4 or 5 meals. They come in a bag and you brown them and add a scambled egg.
I also do a lot of rice and beans and veggies or make a meatloaf and freeze part for another day. Amy's does make some gluten free dinners but some of us have had issues with CC with them.

Thank you for an awesome reply. I truly appreciate it.

I really thought Doritos had Gluten, my sister tried telling me they didn't. Her 4 y/o has celiac and she's letting her eat Doritos.
She claims their website states they are gluten-free. I couldn't find it online. :(
Thanks for clearing it up. I know several of the variety' clearly state they contain wheat.

Thought I should share this info with all of you:
Not much variety, ha ha!

In Topic: No-Cook Sushi Kit By Annie Chun

16 April 2011 - 02:19 PM

I went past my old sushi lunch spot yesterday and got a craving. I've not been brave enough to try it from a restaurant and debated finding and making some.

My son eats a lot of Annie Chun's gluten-free sticky rice, which comes pre-cooked in a microwave container. Today at the store I found her Sushi kit, which includes the rice, seaweed and of course, standard soy sauce. I tossed the soy sauce and substituted my normal gluten-free SanJ tamari (or you could use La Choy), added avocado, smoked salmon and matchstick carrots and YUM! Very easy. I was able to roll them up and have it work. Can't wait to try it with crab and shrimp too.

Sounds great....Thank you so much! :D

In Topic: Fruity Pebbles

16 April 2011 - 02:16 PM


Thank you for your reply. I started reading up on Post after I started this topic. They have definitely raised a few red flags.

I'm going to trash what's left of this box and stick to GM's tried and true Chex. The luxury of Fruity Pebbles was beginning to wear off anyway.

Was glad to see this post. Have an unusual quirk to add: I don't have problems with the chocolate pebbles,
but just tried the new fruity pebbles, and the new bars.
Broke out with DH and mouth sores. Significant abdominal pain.
Wondered if I had gotten it from something else. Then I just happened to see this post.
What do you all think?

In Topic: Desperately Needing Some Answers, Please!

16 April 2011 - 02:06 PM

Thank you so much! I wish I could fix my own entree's.
It's merely impossible!! :ph34r:

I hate having Celiac Disease!!!! Stores in our area
have NO CLUE what to stock....what Celiac is, etc.
They have rows and rows or organic items, that doesn't
help me.

Sorry folks, I'm just so frustrated. Tired of eating
cottage cheese and fruit to keep from being doubled over
in pain. This sucks big time. As one member put it:
It's easier not to eat!!! I've lost over 75lbs. I love
my new look, don't have to worry about gluten in water,
it's gluten-free :)

Now...88 people have viewed this entry, only 2 responded.
I'm so disappointed. Please????

In Topic: Why Does My Hair Look Like Crap Since Celiac

16 February 2011 - 05:34 PM

Hi everyone, I haven't been on here in a while but I'm sure glad I opened this post to read it. THIS IS MY SITUATION TOO!
I've had my thyroid checked numerous times, the doctor keeps saying it's fine. Trying to get a copy of my tests results is like getting blood from a turnip. lol
I've had a very low Vit D level for years and take prescription vitamin D, which was just increased. I also have low potassium, low magnesium, increased liver enzymes and of course Celiac disease since 1994, herpatitis dermatitis since '93.

I also have the severe migraines like someone else mentioned.
It's true....I don't eat right, but I just don't have the appetite. I think that's due to getting very sick in November and staying sick.
Didn't get help till January. Found out it was Crohn's causing the problem. I'd already lost 75lbs, but the first medications didn't work so they had to try another.
At this point...I can't find anything that tastes good.

I hate this gluten-free diet. Everything I love has gluten in it. I'm on such a limited financial budget it makes my life

Anyhow......I know what you ladies are saying about your hair. I'd give anything to have my hair healthy and shiny again. If
it keeps falling out I will be bald soon.
So if anyone has some advice or tips, please send them my way too. Im so discouraged.

Sorry this is so long, just had to respond as I see myself in the other replies. Have a good night all. Take care. :)

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