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In Topic: After Years Of Suffering, I'm Trying To Go Gluten-Free

06 March 2013 - 10:42 AM

I didn't know that some of the thyroid meds have gluten although it seems that Synthroid has sugar in them.  I'll keep that in mind.


When I was on Synthroid only, I didn't do as well and felt much better when we added the Armour (NDT) so I don't think I would try going without that at this point.  I recently found an article on how most doctors don't know that NDT should be prescribed twice a day (breakfast and dinner) rather than once.  I guess prescribing it twice a day eliminates the problem I had of my t4 being too low with just the NDT while my t3 was in a good range.  That's why we added the Synthroid based on my  labs.  


I now plan to find someone who will work with me and do the 2x a day thing and hopefully I can get off the Synthroid completely.  It's quite expensive anyhow.  I would not be without NDT though.  I have seen such an improvement on it in the past and after trying going back to just Synthroid, I noticed I never felt THAT good on it.  


Regarding the diagnosis, I'll keep that in mind but since I've been trying to go gluten-free for the past week for over a week now I know that the test results would be affected so I may just wait and see what happens and then if I go back to gluten, I'll decide what to do at that point.  I wish I would have thought to get tested the last time I went to my PA.

In Topic: After Years Of Suffering, I'm Trying To Go Gluten-Free

04 March 2013 - 07:51 PM

 Thanks for the response.   I didn't realize that hypothyroidism present with a lot of the same symptoms as celiac or gluten-intolerance.   


Actually my hypothyroidism hasn't been managed very well.  It was for a while and I was actually feeling pretty good but then they changed the formulation of Armor Thyroid and I started to not feel right on it.  I was very, very irritable on it.  Another one of my symptoms is sensitivity to medications.  I've also had some issues with and SVT, which I think may have been from having my thyroid meds too high.  I used to try keeping my TSH under 1.   My old doctor wouldn't measure my free T3 at all but this new PA I'm seeing is willing to do that.  The problem with her is that she is threatening to take me off of the Thyroid USP that I presently take along with Synthroid if we don't get my levels stabilized.  


I haven't been good enough about working to get my levels stable since it's sometimes such an effort to go to the doctors and to have the blood work done.   


Thanks also for the info on the thrombocytopenia.  I will check that out but I think my platelets have been in the normal range.  I think that they test those when I get my cbc.  I'll have to check my records.  I keep copies of all of my blood work in a binder.  


I guess I'm confused about the testing for celiac disease.   I thought that you have to have the blood test and also the biopsy.  I don't think I'm wiling to do a biopsy but I would be fine with doing the blood test.  I just don't know when I would be able to get to see my PA and would thus have to put off trying to see if this helps me or not.  

In Topic: Gluten Free Nuts?

04 March 2013 - 05:16 PM

Hi all. My wife has been getting constantly contaminated for about 2 months. She gets over one glutening, and another sneaks up. We really don't know what's causing it. So she's going to go on a raw food diet for awhile. My concern is that she needs protein, so she needs to eat a lot of nuts and seeds. We've really had a problem finding anything in that area that's gluten free. Any recommendations? I mean 100%, 0 ppm, no gluten at all. She is SUPER sensitive. Or if you have any recs for other ways to get protein besides meat and eggs, I'd appreciate that as well.

Thank you

I did the raw foods thing for a few months and never had any issues with protein.  One thing that might work for protein is to have your wife have green smoothies.  You use about 60% fruit and 40% leafy green like spinach, kale, lettuce, parsley, collards, chard etc.  I drink a Vitamix pitcher full every day and they really help with my energy.  


Sprouts are another good source of protein when doing raw foods.  You can sprout seeds yourself to save money.   

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