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In Topic: Gluten Stomach Pain Only After Going gluten-free?

12 October 2010 - 03:33 PM

Yes! I developed a new kind of abdominal pain post gluten-free. It lasted for the first 5 mos or so. I was investigate for gall bladder, pancreas issues etc. My doctor thought I might have spincter of oddi dysfunction, but I said I would hold out on the procedure to investigate it and see if the pain diminished. It did eventually, and we never figured out the cause. I even kept a food/pain journal and found no real correlation to a food. Pain from inflammation, adjusting to diet, my system-pancreas kicking back into gear, new food allergies revealing themselves? Maybe I'll know one day....

Did you ever figure out what caused the abdominal pain post gluten-free? After only two weeks of being gluten free and feeling great, my wife started to get really bad pain in her abdomen, sides and back. She's had the pain now for two months and she's been tested for gallstones, kidney stones and more.

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