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I Need A Safe Rice. Reacting To Lundberg Time, And Time Again.

30 April 2013 - 06:22 PM

I'm probably far more sensitive and to a lot more substances than your average poster here.  I also have a sulphite intolerance in addition to being very sensitive to gluten, and I almost undoubtedly react to gluten free oats.  Salicylates are also something I react to.


The problem is that I do amazing on a diet consisting of potatoes and butter, with nothing else, but this isn't enough to sustain me nutritionally.  The potatoes work because there really isn't a risk of contamination because I'm able to peel off the exterior, with the starches being somewhat protected from pesticides, contamination, or what not through processing.  


Now I should be able to tolerate rice, and I love rice, so I bought a lot of Lundberg Sushi (also tried brown rice) rice and I did a heavy trial where I ate nothing but rice for the past week.  


I have been experiencing severe symptoms throughout the week.  I'll wake up, have a small amount of energy, eat rice, and literally pass out/fall asleep sitting up.  It's almost like I'm being hit by a tranquilizer and this is one of the symptoms I get to something I shouldn't be eating.  However, rice has no salicylates, and I'm rinsing it well, it isn't sulphited, so... I don't understand why I'm reacting to it.

I have been "awake" less than 5 hours a day ever since I began trialing this rice.  It was DEFINITELY getting me, and getting me good.


The only thing I can think of is oat contamination with Lundberg products.  I'd hate to cut rice out for good just because of contamination with one product... so are there any non-oat contaminated rices out there that you guys can tolerate?  

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