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Neg Genetic Test But Reacting?

26 November 2009 - 07:28 PM

Hi all,

I need some advice. I was avoiding giving my 1 yr old son gluten and dairy at first because I am sensitive to both (have celiac + a dairy reaction of some kind). However, I read several studies that said that introducing gluten while still breastfeeding can actually make it better, so I ordered a genetic test, thinking that would give me a definitive answer and I could go ahead and give gluten if it was negative.

The genetic test did come back negative (it was from Enterolab) for the main genes associated with celiac, and we started to give gluten and dairy. He loved his Cheerios. However, he started pooping a lot more often, and it was quite watery with a special kind of stinky. It was hard to keep him free of diaper rash. My knee-jerk reaction was to take out gluten immediately, but now I am second guessing that decision because I've heard other moms saying their kids get diarrhea with teething. He does seem to be doing better gluten free, but I am honestly wondering how much of this is me assuming that it is gluten just because of my celiac. I also feel like what was the point of ordering the gene test if I am not going to trust the results?

How old is old enough to run the actual celiac panel. Should I wait until he's 2 to reintroduce gluten and get the actual panel done?


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