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Member Since 18 Oct 2010
Offline Last Active Mar 23 2014 10:35 AM

#825498 Amazing Service At Red Robin In Minnesota

Posted by on 25 September 2012 - 12:43 PM

Red Robin is one of our "go to" places here in Toledo area. Both locations are great & I just ask for their food allergen menu when I enter. They bring one of their updated ones printed from online that covers all the major food allergens & what can be ordered. Asking for the specific menu from the hostess is my 1st step in letting them know I have special food allergen needs. They alert the wait staff who we have found to be well trained. Once I came across a trainee who was going to take my order without writing it down... guess he figured he was young & likely thought he had a great memory! :P I kindly requested he please write my order down as I could become VERY ill if it wasn't sent into the kitchen correctly. He pulled out some paper & didn't take long for the manager to arrive at our table to make sure of my order. ;) Was the only time I had even a smiggle of an issue with wait staff at RR before or since. If I ever have questions the staff is knowledgeable & thoughtful enough to recheck with the manager if they are in doubt about something they question or I ask about. I'm ovo vegetarian but hubsters loves a good burger... I don't usually eat french fries so that is where I MAJORLY indulge (sometimes at least 2 reorders) in their bottomless fries. If I've not quite hit my veggie needs that day then I'll also have a small side salad. However, my heart sings with my fill of RR's fries (sans Red Robin seasoning, of course). Know others have had a less that positive experience at times but we have found it consistently a safe place, as long as one calls ahead with questions on dedicated fryer, etc. plus allows the staff know kindly their needs when entering. You can go on their website & sign up for a Red Robin Royalty card or get one @ local RR then sign up on net. You'll get RR e-mails re: specials, notices of new menu items & you even get a FREE Gourmet burger for your birthday! I entered hubsters birthday so we're heading there next month to "celebrate". This month it's an "out of pocket" visit to Biaggi's for a gluten-free dairy-free pizza for my special day! Enjoy... life is just tooooo short!
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#661048 Do You Also Avoid Soybean Products?

Posted by on 16 December 2010 - 01:41 PM

Have Hashimoto's so soy was out of my diet long before gluten. Several years later I found dairy gave me problems so dropped that. Then a number of years later gluten reared it's ugly head. So far I'm not noticing any other things causing issues...fingers crossed!
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#648917 Survey For People With Celiac Disease

Posted by on 25 October 2010 - 07:50 AM

1. Sex: Female

2. Age: 62

3. How long ago were you diagnosed with celiac disease? - Not formally diagnosed. Diagnosed with Arnold Chiari (caused brain damage prior to decompression surgery in 1986), dystonia in 1986 & Hashimoto's a few years later. Got off soy about 8 years ago (thyroid), dairy (gastro issues) about 5 years ago & last June got off gluten due to continuing worsening of my gastro & neuro symptoms. So mine has been a "personal diagnosis." My theory is if it makes me sick, bloated & worsens the neuro symptoms then it's just best out of my diet.

4. Does anyone in your family have celiac disease? - not to my knowledge but stranger things have occurred! :D

5. How severe is your celiac disease? - Seem to be OK with airborne but appears I'm sensitive to very small amounts.

6. Is it difficult to eat out at restaurants or anywhere outside of your home? - I've had SOME luck but don't really push the envelope either. Just don't like getting sick & CC is tough for a lot of places from wait staff up thru kitchen to understand. If I'm at a friend or relative's house I just pack myself something to eat.

7. Do you believe that there should be more to be done to make this disease more aware to the public? - I've been surprised the number of people I know who know someone else with some type of food intolerance or allergies.... gluten/dairy/nuts, etc. Think there are a lot more folks out there with intolerances that I ever realized. Friends/family have been supportive but I don't really make it a topic of conversation, either.

8. How has this disease impacted your life? - I miss the spontaneity of just going out at times but overall it's not that bad. Hardest part for me is not wanting to make others uncomfortable with what I consider to be my personal issue since I've had various health issues over the years.

9. What do you think would make celiac disease easier to deal with? More forums like this one... I've learned SO much & gotten great food/meal ideas from everyone here.
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