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Member Since 20 Oct 2010
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#647793 Shocked And Needs Help

Posted by on 20 October 2010 - 12:58 PM

Shotzy, if you are actually a Celiac, meaning it's not just a gluten sensitivity, and you actually have full on 100% Celiac Disease like me, then here are some rules.

DO. NOT. EAT. GLUTEN. (Well, duh, right?!) For me, I can't even have a quarter of what can fit under a baby's pinkie nail. And some people even react when they touch gluten.

-IF YOU HAVE HAD TROUBLE WITH BREAD AND BAGELS AND SUCH, TRY UDI'S BREAD AND BAGELS! (I think white plain are the best) They taste EXACTLY like regular bread, if not better. And you can have them cold, and they still taste good, which is amazing.
-Bionature Pasta, (I don't know if you can eat it, I used to be able to but I am on soy restriction as well as dairy and I can't eat that now, but when I did, delish.)
-Kinnikinnick Sandwich cookies
-Glow Cookies
-Bard's Beer
-Glutino pretzels.
-alot of chips like lays are gluten-free

Just to name a few. Hope I helped! (:

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