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#820967 Does A Gluten Free Diet Actually Cure Celiacs Disease?

Posted by on 01 September 2012 - 05:09 PM

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jerick and I was diagnosed with celiacs disease when I was 16yrs old ( I am currently 22 - Also I haven't seen a digestive dr, or gastrologist in 5 years for follow up for my celiac condition. However I have decided to take control of my health and have scheduled an appointment at a local digestive disease dr in the area).

I haven't been dedicated to my diet and therefore my health has taken a poor turn. I've gained and lost a great deal of weight, I suffer from depression and constipation. In the past I have followed my dietary restrictions by not eating wheat but I haven't been as careful with cross-contamination and hidden gluten ingredients.

I have decided to research my disease and see what steps are necessary for hopefully curing my intestine and living a long life. However since I've taken the time to study up on my condition I have been met with nothing but uncertainty and fear. My question today has to do with an article from chicago medical center for celiacs disease found here. I am particularly upset by the following statement; " While healing may take up to 2 years for many older adults, new research shows that the small intestines of up to 60% of adults never completely heal, especially when adherence to the diet is less than optimal."

From what I understand and have read from various sources celiac's can heal by adhering to a gluten free lifestyle. However studies still show that 60% of people never completely heal therefore the leaky gut condition, and inflammation is still prevalent leading to early death and other autoimmune disorders. So does this mean that the gluten free diet isn't working? Is there anything else that could be done to cure my condition?

The Select Carbohydrate diet states that our bodies are unable to due to the ingredients found in "gluten free foods" based on Corn, Rice, and Tapioca. The listed ingredients are harder for the body to break down therefore causing bacteria to grow which causes the intestines to inflame, leading to negative consequences in Celiacs.

I am writing to everyone today in hopes there is anyone or group of individuals that could help clarify and lend some advice as to how I should approach a gluten free diet. I feel so pulled and frustrated I would just like some peace of mind.

I am willing to adhere to the SCD lifestyle diet however I do not have the funds to purchase all the food processors and blenders necessary.

Thank you for your time!

In my opinion, there are too many factors for one to say "just eat a 100% gluten free diet and you will be fine". New studies have shown that corn gluten is absolutely unsafe for gluten sensitive people. Two years ago, i went "gluten-free". Fast forward to the present, i still have many food intolerances, most likely linked to having a leaky gut. And along with my leaky gut, i have an overgrowth of candida. I've been where you are at, looking to this forum for a simple answer. But here lately i've realized there is no simple answer because everyone's situation is different. I've noticed a lot of people with celiac disease will not accept that the studies on this disease are still evolving, and they continue to eat nothing but processed "gluten-free" foods on a daily basis. Ignorance is bliss, and i especially can vouch for that. I lived it.
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#680900 The Scariest Thing You Will Ever See

Posted by on 06 March 2011 - 02:50 PM

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