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In Topic: Any Ideas On Hair?

17 June 2013 - 01:43 PM

Mine didnt drop out till over a year gluten free .
It was shedding like mad for 9months ...... I was frantic when i realised how much was coming out!
It was when I had a vit d test done and it came back quite low that I started to worry about my hair, i had also been very fatigued and quite depressed through that 9months.
I think the lack of vit d contributed to the hair loss.
But also feel it was more than that.
I hadn't kept up with my calcium vit d through that time and had stopped dairy.
I researched everything I could for hair thinning.

I took evening primrose, biotin, folic acid b vitamins and fish oil, calcium and vit D.
Started eating plenty of eggs for protein and extra biotin.
Stepped up the protein from chicken etc and ate almonds and walnuts .
I bought L ' Oreal everpure shampoo sulphate free, and Lee stafford treatment to repair build and fix hair.
I used a wide toothed comb rather than brushing.
They gave me a massive dose of vit d to boost my vit D.
It took 3 months to more or less stop but it did.

In all honesty i think a lot of it was lack of protein and calcium and maybe the vitD.
I never shed hair before i was diagnosed and i was pretty ill then.
I think we ar lacking in a lot of vits amd nutrients before we are diagnosed and a long time after .
Although I was really lax about the cacium and vit D , for ages and my body needed it not having dairy and also having osteoporosis too.
Protein is really important for hair etc as is calcium..

Something worked out of all the stuff I did ...lol... not sure what though!

I also have underactive thyroid but never caused me to shed hair only be dried out.
But after going gluten free I had to have meds reduced twice already as was showing hyper and even now might have to have another reduction.
Must be absorbing the meds better but also do think over medicated speeds the body up so could cause shedding.

The lee stafford conditioner is really really good read the revues if you live in uk in boots chemist online.
You use it after shampooing just a blob leave it on a short while then rinse then use your normal conditioner after it.
Bit pricey but well worth it and sometimes on 3 for 2 .

Stay with it and you will get results, very exhausting i know but just as exhausting and stressful watching it go down the plughole
Amd all over the floor which mine was, and the more I stressed the more it shed.

In Topic: Hairloss After gluten-free And Iron Supplementation?

05 January 2013 - 11:29 AM

Mines just starting to ease off with some of the shedding after a year!
I felt everything you wrote in that opening post.
I think calcium, vit d ,protein all played a part in mine.
Make sure you get enough calcium if you are dairy free i didn't ........but do now.
I eat eggs mpre now for the protein and the biotin.
.i think the calcium has really helped and more protein.
Try not to worry and stress about it believe me it makes it worse.
Google was my friend lol but i learned a lot about vits ,foods etc for hair loss.
I bought sulphate free shampoo , conditioners with strengthener.
Then tried not to think about it anymore as it was making me ill.
I was scared to go to the hairdressers but my roots (grey) were awful.
Vit d is important but mine was same level as yours and ive seen a lot worse.
The dose they gave me was massive and brought on a whole host of other problems.
Im from the uk too.
I think its the last thing you expect AFTER going going gluten free and thinking you are doing everything right.
As far as the vanity goes sad to say I am the same and its affected me really badly.
Take care and hope it soon resolves for you, don't forget it takes time for stuff to work.

In Topic: I Just Want To Make Sure I'm Not Crazy

09 October 2012 - 09:53 AM

Get your thyroid checked too.
Lots of those symptoms there too!
I have both.

In Topic: Hip/low Back Pain

25 July 2012 - 12:13 PM

Explain this one to me. I have been gluten free for a year, and all of the sudden I have this horrible joint pain, hips, knees, shoulders but I had these before I went gluten free and I have eaten anything with gluten in it lately so I don't know why it would be like this.. I am seriously considering going to a bone specialist but a coworker recently said that it might be something in my stomach causing this reaction, could I possibly be having other allergies?

I used to associate the lower back ache just to the coeliac but I have been gluten free two years and still get that same awful aching etc when I have had dairy of any kind.
I went dairy free too and keep trying to reintroduce in the hope that I am healed and it was temporary but never feel well after the dairy.
My symptoms for dairy dont really fit the ones that are standard so its confusing.
I think its something in the proteins in dairy.

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