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In Topic: An Interesting Story And Introduction

21 February 2015 - 11:01 AM



When it comes to oils, did you cut out EVOlive Oil and Coconut oil as well?  I can't have very much coconut oil, I think its the fats as if I use it on a regular basis my stomach tends to burn.  Olive oil tends to be my staple for now. 

Also I think I feel your vibes on this but i'll ask:   did you at one point have to take anitbiotics?  any SIBO or yeast? One of my next tests I'm interested in the organic acids or fecal test for bacterial overgrowth,  if that hits positive,  I'm nervous over the idea of taking a pill (but I understand we gotta do what we gotta do, you know?)


Yes I don't eat Olive oil anymore or Coconut oil. I went through the whole Coconut oil phase and I really didn't feel it doing anything good. Macadamia and natural animal fats are the gold standard for me. I've taken a LOT of different antibiotics and treatments for SIBO, I've even done two months of Diflucan and a few other antifungals. None of that helped, because none of that was the problem. The problem was / is a very hard to diagnose immune system disease which had been ongoing for probably my whole life or at least since childhood.


I figure you are always going to have bacterial overgrowth in the upper small intestine when there's damage there but the big lesson to learn is that Humans in nature have around 3000 different species of bacteria balancing their immune system and digesting their food. Humans in the western world are lucky to have 300. That's the primary reason we are sick with out of control immune systems, antibiotics in early life is the primary cause actually, taking them as an adult isn't likely to throw your immune system into chaos but as a kid it will.


I doubt I would have ever recovered without Tacrolimus and that's a very very potent drug, I don't think diet alone was ever going to be enough. Although diet alone is the only thing that's going to cure me now that it's under control.


I don't know if I mentioned up there but my Kidney function had crashed down to an eGFR of 50 last year thanks to the high levels of inflammation in my body, as Tacrolimus is toxic to the Kidneys it worried me. But thankfully my eGFR came back to 90 which is pretty much normal despite the tacrolimus. Having the inflammation is more damaging than toxic drugs it seems.


It's a little bit depressing know that so many of you out there are in constant pain in the gut like I was and that diet might not be enough and there's probably no doctors in the world crazy enough to give someone with a dodgy gut and nothing else they can find wrong immune suppression... But you know I think given that most of us are loading up on anti histamine and mast cell stabilsers and getting a part response... should really be trying something a little stronger.

In Topic: An Interesting Story And Introduction

10 February 2015 - 09:01 AM

I'll just leave this here. My sons growth chart (hes pretty lean but heavy). No grain, no cow dairy (he has buffalo and goat yogurt sometimes). But basically he's just on a Paleo/Autoimmune diet since birth. In the month since this he's crossed over the next line up into the 75th percentile.



In Topic: Glutened Or Vitamin Deficient?

10 February 2015 - 05:26 AM

HI.  This is my first post here.  I am sure you all know way more than my doc about celiac.  I was diagnosed in July and also had several severe vitamin deficiencies.  


My hands and feet are sometimes numb and tingly, finger tips feel like they are burning.  My joints hurt.  Doc says this is because my vitamins are low and I need to supplement.  I take my vitamins sporadically because I get wicked nauseous after ingesting them.  But this week I have been consistent since the burning in my fingers has been so intense.  Three days into being a good little pill popper my gut stops digesting.  I am plagued by epigastric pain and put myself on a clear liquid diet as the only way to deal with the stabbing pain and intense bloating.  I am taking the vitamins in the morning still with a half cup of sticky white rice to help settle the nausea.  


I am positive the vitamins are gluten free and I have not been contaminated as far as I can tell. 


The burning in my fingers is gone and my joint pain is much better but my stomach is not at all happy.


My question is, What would you do?  Should I stick it out with clear liquids, rice and vitamins and see if my gut heals?  Or should I ditch the vitamins?  Are there certain vitamins that are easier to digest?  I am taking centrum women's, B-100, and D-3.  


You need a b12 shot or 3. Typical normal thing for a celiac. Your symptoms are classic b12 deficiency. You'll feel amazing 5 hours after the first shot.

In Topic: What About The Gluten In Rice, Corn And Other Grains Than Wheat, Barley &...

10 February 2015 - 05:23 AM

Research phytic acid. It'll help you understand why these things make you sick. You'll soon see a list of foods that don't agree with you, in the exact order of how much they hurt you depending on how much phytic acid they contain. Coincidence? :P

In Topic: Glucose From Wheat

10 February 2015 - 05:19 AM

In the US, you don't find this very often.  It is considered to be highly processed and tests gluten free.


Personally - if I see the word " wheat" on a product, I just skip it.  Its safe, but I have seen that dirty word....   Psychosomatic probably.   :blink:    But, like I said, I haven't seen glucose made from wheat more than once or twice in the US.


Outside the US and heavily US influenced countries ALL glucose is made from wheat.


It's not the greatest stuff in the world, being a refined sugar but I'd take it 1000x before I took the same thing made from Corn. It's very common stuff and yes it has no gluten. But it's made from a grain and it's sugar, I wouldn't eat it if you wanted to remain healthy long term.

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