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Ketogenic Diet Anyone Tried It ?

22 June 2015 - 03:30 PM

Just asking because I started this diet 4 weeks ago (fully scientific research version with near zero carbs and getting 80% of my calories from fats) and it fixed all my digestion issues within 2 weeks, I now have perfect stools everytime, once a day instead of 6 times :P. It's almost completely cured (or very heavily supressed) my immune system disease also. I've been struggling at this game for a long long time and this is like the heavy freakin guns. It's just smashing everything back into new condition. Even my hip I injured a few years ago stopped hurting within the first 2 weeks and the mobility in the hip has gone from 30% of my good one to 80% of my good one.I'm just so impressed, I gave up grains years ago, grain oils, this that and everything but I've never given up carbs and it seems like that was the major problem all along.. Well worth trying out!. I don't know how long I can sustain the diet because I'm losing body fat slowly but surely, I'm guessing I'll be completely leaned out and run out of body fat in about 6 months. That'll be summer time here I I'm thinking that'll be about the right time to eat a few carbs and see what happens.

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