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Ketotifen Fumarate And Other Mast Cell Stabilisers

14 July 2013 - 03:51 AM

I stumbled across a couple of articles about curing leaky gut with the help of mast cell stabilisers over the last few months and finally got my hands on some Ketotifen. I've been talking it for 3-4 days now and have already overcome the extreme sleepyness it caused on the first day.


Because I have multiple problems I'm never sure what's the best way about fixing things but as I most of the time have a pronounce burn in the small intestine after eating almost anything and very high IgE and Eosinophil levels I always thought a mast cell stabilizer maybe quite likely to help me out.


Well so far I'm happy to announce that I can eat 100% pain free, I was hoping the enlarge lymph node in my neck would have gone down in size with the pain but it's actually got bigger as if I was having a bad reaction to something (but the lack of pain tells me I am certainly not..) so this is something I don't understand unless the Ketotifen has broken all the eosinophils in my blood all the sudden (I've read it does cause mature eosinophils to break down). So maybe I need to see what happens in a couple weeks time.


Anyway other things have changed, my persistent sores caused be excessive histamine and itching, which had been only mild on my previous anti histamines has totally stopped with the Ketotifen, to the point of me having noticeably clearer eyes these last few days.


I'm guessing that's because Ketotifen partially blocks H4 and the general anti histamines do not. I've gained weight, more than you would imagine possible in a couple of days and my usual going to the toilet a few times a day has also stopped. I'm guessing again just because the histamine levels have dropped off. It feels quite amazing to be able to eat what seems like anything without pain although I'm continuing on the SCD style diet for the most part so I get a combined drug+diet healing.


I found this protocol I found on the net worth reading too..


I'm not taking the cromolyn, only the Ketotifen so far. I've already been following this basic idea but without the mast cell stabilser it was just soooo slow.




Treatments for "Leaky Gut Syndrome"


Histamine Reducers:

1. Ketotifen (Zaditen) 1mg by Sandoz.

- Compounded at Clark's Pharmacy (not commercially available in US).

- Antihistamine that reduces the harmful effects of histamine that allows the mucous layer to come back and heal the intestinal wall.

- Generally taken: 1-2 tablets (ours is a liquid subspension) 3 times daily 30 minutes before meals for about six months or up to twelve months depending on severity.

2.Cromolyn Sodium (Gastro Crom) 100mg by fisons or Cromolyn Sodium powder by various compounding pharmacies.

- Reduces mast cells from releasing histamine.

- This treatment does not generally work well in adults by itself.

- Generally taken: Dissolve 1/8 tsp in water 3 times daily 30 minutes before meals.


Parasitic and Antifungal Treatments:

1. Tinidazole 500mg by various manufactures and various compounding pharmacies.

- Used for chronic giardiasis and amoeda.

Generally taken for Giardiasis: Adults- 4 capsules all at once with a meal one time only (some doctors repeat it in ten days). Children- dose at 50mg per kg all at once with a meal one time only

2. Appropriate antibiotics / antifungals to treat identified intestinal parasites / yeast.


GI Healers:

1. Glutamine by various manufactures.

- Found in high concentrations in the small intestinal tract and is the preferred fuel.

- Generally taken: 1-5 gms per meal up to 15 gms per day.

2. Probiotics (friendly GI bacteria)

- Use only human strains and / or saccrharomyces boulardii.

- Generally taken: 1-2 capsules daily with meals.

3. Abstain from gluten if gluten intolerance.

- Extremely small amounts of gluten can cause major mucousal damage if gluten intolerance.

4. Stress Management.

5. Digestive enzymes.

- Breaks down protein and less pretein molecules (i.e. polypeptides) get absorbed into the blood stream.

6. Rotating foods and avoiding foods that irritate the digestive tract.