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In Topic: Itchy Scalp, Laundry, And Shampoos

02 January 2012 - 06:05 PM

Have you had your thyroid checked? And if you think you're pre menopausal are you seeing a GYN or Endo? Have you had your vitamin levels checked?

And if you are Celiac and are not on your diet there's a very good chance it's internal (assuming you've eliminated gluten and other known allergens for you from body care products).

Only way to know is to get back on the diet and find out.

I haven't had my thyroid checked in a few years. I am probably low on vitamins. I do take ferrous sulfate daily.. I think I may be premenopausal because my menstrual cycles have cut down to only lasting one day and I am definitely not pregnant. I've had the hot flashes, cold sweats, anxiety, NO libido at one point (that parts fixed),etc. I have a history of eight miscarriages as well which is why they tested me for celiac disease.. most of which blighted ovums. (I do have two beautiful children now though) I don't have health insurance currently but I am working on it now..

I'm starting the diet today as my new years resolution. :)

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