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In Topic: Iso: Key Lime Pie Recipe For celiac disease **and** Diabetics

09 August 2015 - 05:11 PM

You should go to Pinterest and join if you have not. Then put in a search for Gluten Free Key Lime Pie. Also list diabetic. Several should pop up, then you can check them out and pick one. There are so many good recipe links here.

Thanks. I try to avoid social media (I think!) so unless I get really desperate, I don't think I'll join. But I appreciate knowing that.


What I've thought about doing is using evaporated milk (instead of sweetened condensed milk) and a tiny amount of sugar. I can add a likewise reduced amount of sugar to the heavy cream for the topping (whipped). I'm googgling the two types of milk now, and they may actually not be interchangeable, so I'll need to read more. The final trick after that will be the crust. There are plenty of gluten-free crusts but as most of us know, for bread products, sugar is often increased to disguise the fact that it doesn't taste as good (in my opinion!).

In Topic: Iso: Key Lime Pie Recipe For celiac disease **and** Diabetics

06 August 2015 - 01:40 PM

Oh my granny makies the besst key lime pie she's diabeticc and coelliac too.im in children's hosspital right now but when I'm all better I promiss I'll assk her for the recepee and I'll send itt to you.i think I will be here for a while though.
Hop someone elss can hellp itts so yummy issnt it.


Wow, if ever a reply was made to order, yours is it! I can wait. Thanks!


EDIT: And best wishes with your recovery.

In Topic: Are Supplements Labled "gluten Free" Really Safe?

05 August 2015 - 02:14 PM

Perhaps not.


A month ago I started experiencing the worst gluten reaction I have had since being diagnosed in 2007. A visit to the gastroenterologist revealed a "high" reaction on the celiac blood panel. I had been glutened, and the possible suspect was a frozen pre-basted turkey my family had eaten, and I had had several helpings of leftovers.


After the weight loss and diarrhea remain unrelenting, I began to suspect that perhaps I was havign such a severe, long-lasting reaction due to increased hypersensitivity due to my increasing age.


I had switched to taking an array of supplement from Country Life, including a probiotic, for several months. They market themselves as a "completely gluten free facility," and all products are gluten free. Suspicious after  a recent news article revealed celiacs who take probiotics still continue to manifest symptoms compared to those who do not, and perhaps probiotics contain trace amounts of gluten.


i called Country Life and asked about their gluten and certified gluten free claims. Their definition, as the rep read to me verbatim, is "gluten free levels that fall BELOW 10ppm"—a stricter standard than the government standard of 20ppm, BUT THAT MEANS THEIR PRODUCTS MAY STILL CONTAIN GLUTEN!


So if I am and have been ingesting nine capsules of supplements per day, I am and have been getting a steady trickle of gluten for a long time!


I am quitting all supplements. Maybe another gastroenterologist I went to was right a couple years ago. He insisted ALL supplements contained gluten despite their claims and when I pointed out several supplement makers touted their gluten free lines, he didn't relent. I guess he was right.


Now, with osteoporosis, how will I manage to get the 1200mg of calcium per day?

Have you had a Dexa scan or anything to let you know you are osteopenic or indeed need to take all that supplemental calcium? Are you low on calcium (blood tests)? What about Vitamin D?


EDIT: Oh, sorry. I see you say you have osteoporosis. Ok, I'm not sure what to say here. Sorry for missing that the first time.

In Topic: The Fight Against Omission Beer

12 July 2015 - 02:15 PM

I was going to post what I found on Omissions web site about their mission being to brew a gluten-free beer and mission accomplished etc etc...but see that others have already done so.


What I'm now going to say is different but probably even more likely to cause conflict. Please just read the whole thing first.


An acquaintance was first dx 18 years ago with celiac disease. His case was much more severe, wasting, than mine, and practically the instant he went gluten-free, his symptoms went away. But then a few years ago, it was a hot day and someone offered him a craft beer and he drank it. Nothing he said. No reaction. So, he started drinking nice craft beers. Not gluten-free-marketed beers. But craft beers. But, he wanted to see if any markers showed up. (Again, please read the whole thing.) So he stopped. He got the gliadin antibody tests - not diagnostic. He was clear (AGAIN. Please keep reading, I know I know.) So he did the craft beer challenge and started drinking it again and a few months later got the ABA IgA or IgG test. Nothing. He was clear. (....hope you are reading and not jumping to comment!)


So now, my commentary. Setting aside for the moment that tests available for gluten in foodstuffs are bad, we must I guess, test our bodies. Gliadin is a broken down component of wheat and would not therefore measure hordein, the broken down component of barley. So, to my way of thinking, the test he had done was not really useful, right? My understanding is that aside from the ABA IgG and ABA IgA tests, there are three other components of the Celiac panel, but none of them test for anything but gliadin or reaction to gliadin. Not hordein. Not seculin (?).


Moving on, I got on the Internet and have discovered that there are indeed some beers without being marketed as gluten-free that are below 20PPM in gluten. I had no idea! I do not know about craft beers.


My symptoms are milder than my acquaintance's, and yet I generally do not like to gamble with anything that might contain gluten, because I am aware of the Celiac iceberg. But sometimes it is tempting. Is there any way to have an open discussion on this without going automatically to "do not drink any beer period?"


Just testing the board waters.



In Topic: How Do I Search My Old Posts And Topics

29 March 2015 - 06:43 AM

Thanks! I am investigating it now. I've made some progress.



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