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Drinkable Food (Yes, I'm Talking About Soylent And Ambronite)

23 June 2014 - 02:56 PM



I am researching Soylent and Ambronite. Soylent, as yet, does not appear to be gluten-free mostly because of the oats it uses. The maltodextrin can also be problemmatic for people with Celiac disease, according to things posted on the Internet. Is this true - both the oats and maltodextrin? Discovering that, I looked into Ambronite, which appears to be organic and gluten free (yea!) but not yet available for purchase.


So, basically just wanting to get a meaningful conversation going, if that is possible. If not, it will have to wait till Ambronite has gotten crowd funded and is available for sale to the public.



Fast And Easy Way To Incorporate Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

08 March 2014 - 06:44 AM

I am extremely busy, but extremely sedentary. Because of time constraints I generally eat twice a day (with some snacking). And I don't really cook anymore - that is, I don't get into it, plan out recipes and meals and take my time and pleasure in doing so. I am looking for a way to quickly and easy incorporate dark green leafy vegetables (this is one group I am missing these days). It doesn't matter if it's breakfast, in fact I'd almost prefer it is breakfast, since this is probably my largest meal which I eat mid-morning. For breakfast, I've gotten into routines where I eat a baked potato with egg and bacon or sausage or anything else I find to fill it with. The main goal with this meal is: get me full and decently nutritioned, if that is a word.


There's cleaning, drying, and chopping at the start with these vegetables, so that much I accept and am willing to do, but otherwise, not too much in the way of doctoring etc... I love a baked potato and onions and garlic. I've thrown chopped kale in there with it a few times and cheese - probably far too often, and that (kale) was ok, but if anyone has anything else that's even more delicious to recommend, I would appreciate knowing.


Also for the evening meal, I have eaten LOTS of broccoli. It's a good source of nutrition (fiber, C, K). But I'm willing to branch out and try other things, but that are similarly easy. Again, I understand there's "up front" work with the dark green leafies.


Thank you!


Safeway Open Nature Frozen Food (Chicken Enchilada)

11 November 2013 - 11:08 AM

Hi everyone,


Any of you know if the frozen chicken enchiladas made by Open Nature (Safeway) are gluten-free? I dedicated about 10 minutes to looking for it online (10 min being I can afford) and didn't find anything specific to the chicken enchiladas.


Thank you.