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In Topic: Did I Have Too Much Dairy?

23 July 2012 - 01:01 PM

Thank you so much for that advice! After reading your post, I made a call to my nutritionist (who is wonderful) and explained the situation to her and she seems to think it's the cultures too and said that some Celiacs cant tolerate the high amounts in the Kefir. I'll stay away from it for a long time (I dont want to experience anything like that again) and then see if I can work it in slowly. Thanks again!

You're lucky you have a good nutritionist who is familiar with celiac. Wish I could find one.

In Topic: Wheat Used To Make Barrels

22 July 2012 - 03:25 PM

I like barefoot

Does that mean you have checked them out re fining agents and barrels?

In Topic: Did I Have Too Much Dairy?

22 July 2012 - 09:51 AM

I never had an issue with dairy before my diagnosis (May 2012) and I used to drink milk like it was water and going out of style...but I cut out a good portion of dairy and now only limit my diary intake to a Weight Watchers low fat cheese stick and a cup of yogurt daily. Since I never had issues with those and always felt fine, I tried the Trader Joe's Strawberry Kefir yesterday (a very small amount, maybe 1/4 of a cup, just to see if I liked it). About an hour later, I was curled up on the floor with excruciating pains in my intestine area and had D for the rest of the night. I've NEVER felt that kind of pain before and the only thing I changed in my diet yesterday was drinking the Kefir. My GI system is still feeling a bit sensitive today...

I can tolerate milk in cooking, like when I make home made gluten free corn muffins or other recipes. I can also eat gluten free cheese pizzas without any problem at all. I know that we can become lactose intolerant, but I was totally thrown off guard by this. Here's my stupid question - was that way too much dairy/lactose for me? I'm assuming there is a higher level of lactose in the Kefir, but has anyone else had this issue? Will taking Lactaid pills help with this? I want to make sure I am getting my calcium and probiotics and was also hoping that the Kefir could be a filling afternoon snack combined with some fruit, as I'm trying to lose some more weight. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!! :)

I'm not sure what's up with the kefir for you. Like yogurt, it has less lactose than milk and is advertised as having less lactose than yogurt. It does tend to be loaded with super high levels of probiotics, so maybe those upset your system. Maybe too much of a good thing. Probiotics make my stomach hurt.

In Topic: Wheat Used To Make Barrels

22 July 2012 - 09:42 AM

Here is an interesting read on the subject of gluten in wine. The Problem of Gluten in Wine

I suggest reading the replies to this blog also. For disclosure purposes, I drink wine and will continue to do so.

EDIT (added): It is my opinion that wine is safe and I am not suggesting that anyone should be concerned about gluten in wine. It is just interesting to learn...

Thanks, that was an interesting read. I stumbled across some previous forum topics about wine and it seems like it may be a concern depending on your level of sensitivity. Has anyone done enough research to know which semi cheap wines are safe? I know the cheaper ones probably never hit a wooden barrel and as long as the fining agents are gluten free, they would probably be ok. Has anyone checked into the whites and blushes from Taylor, Ernest and Julio Gallo or maybe some that are a little more high end. I am generally part of the $10 and under crowd. I would just like to know a brand I can grab at the grocery store without having to worry.

In Topic: My First Celiac Kiss :(

21 July 2012 - 07:01 AM

I'm glad you mention this! Particularly for young girls to read. It really is true. I think someone who's been your boyfriend/husband for awhile and is persistently not accepting your needs on the Celiac front is a candidate to be kicked to the curb. But I think as we all know, it's hard to accept some of the requirements of this disease... even for ourselves, much less for someone who's never been sick from gluten, much less anything. The idea takes some getting used to and a lot of science talk that isn't very sexy. I'm definitely not going to require a date to be Celiac. If I limited myself to that, I'd die alone. It's hard enough to find a guy that I'm compatible with. :P

Another thing people who have been in relationships for awhile have forgotten is that when you have only a few dates with each other, there's not much to go on... and you've already been high maintenance around meals and kissing, the prognosis can't look good from the other person's perspective. It's hard to see all the great things past all the toothbrushes and it's easy to ditch out for something easier. You're not invested yet.

So, you're right... and this will be especially hard for teenagers and college-aged kids who are insecure by definition... and whose dating prospects are inexperienced and will not 'get it' right away. Even the nicest guy may not get it right off. I didn't. I need to find the right disclosure plan for dating. Perhaps I pick a place to eat where he's unlikely to come in contact with much gluten when first kisses could be the outcome. Something like Sushi where he's unlikely to have breadcrumbs still lingering.

Sounds like a good strategy. You'll just have to make sure you get him hooked with some really good kisses so you can reveal the gluten-free thing sooner rather than later.
Edit: I just thought of the perfect plan! Take the guy skinny dipping after diner. While in the water, have a water spitting contest, which will lead to lots of laughter and then some great gluten free kisses. This way his face and mouth get good and clean and he'll be none the wiser :lol: The only flaw might be convincing him you don't go past 1st base on the first date when you are already skinny dipping and kissing.

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