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#812438 My First Celiac Kiss :(

Posted by on 21 July 2012 - 07:01 AM

I'm glad you mention this! Particularly for young girls to read. It really is true. I think someone who's been your boyfriend/husband for awhile and is persistently not accepting your needs on the Celiac front is a candidate to be kicked to the curb. But I think as we all know, it's hard to accept some of the requirements of this disease... even for ourselves, much less for someone who's never been sick from gluten, much less anything. The idea takes some getting used to and a lot of science talk that isn't very sexy. I'm definitely not going to require a date to be Celiac. If I limited myself to that, I'd die alone. It's hard enough to find a guy that I'm compatible with. :P

Another thing people who have been in relationships for awhile have forgotten is that when you have only a few dates with each other, there's not much to go on... and you've already been high maintenance around meals and kissing, the prognosis can't look good from the other person's perspective. It's hard to see all the great things past all the toothbrushes and it's easy to ditch out for something easier. You're not invested yet.

So, you're right... and this will be especially hard for teenagers and college-aged kids who are insecure by definition... and whose dating prospects are inexperienced and will not 'get it' right away. Even the nicest guy may not get it right off. I didn't. I need to find the right disclosure plan for dating. Perhaps I pick a place to eat where he's unlikely to come in contact with much gluten when first kisses could be the outcome. Something like Sushi where he's unlikely to have breadcrumbs still lingering.

Sounds like a good strategy. You'll just have to make sure you get him hooked with some really good kisses so you can reveal the gluten-free thing sooner rather than later.
Edit: I just thought of the perfect plan! Take the guy skinny dipping after diner. While in the water, have a water spitting contest, which will lead to lots of laughter and then some great gluten free kisses. This way his face and mouth get good and clean and he'll be none the wiser :lol: The only flaw might be convincing him you don't go past 1st base on the first date when you are already skinny dipping and kissing.
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#753204 Enzymedica Digest Gold And Glutenease - Has Anyone Had Cross Contamination Ty...

Posted by on 03 December 2011 - 07:42 AM

Dear all,

I am really desperate for feedback from anyone who has tried using Enzymedica's Digest Gold and Glutenease.

I am a super sensitive celiac without doubt, reacting to tiny traces.

I have had a re-emergence of symptoms after six years on a gluten free diet, and am not sure what is going on.

However, what I have found is that Digest Gold taken with Glutenease dramatically improve my digestive issues, reducing bathroom trips from 6 - 8 per day to just 1 - 2 - which is so nice.

HOWEVER, they are also giving me terrible joint pains and a flickering eyelid, which I normally associate with cross contamination.

And on speaking to the company, although the labels state "contains no gluten", they cannot tell me to what level they test, or what levels have been found, which leads me to think that actually, they are not testing them. And these products are dervied from aspergillus niger which is grown on grains etc, so it is presumably very possible that traces of the substrate on which the aspergillus is fed could also make their way into the final product.

So sorry for the long background bit. Can I ask if anyone else has tried Digest Gold and / or Glutenease, and whether you had any issues with this as well? I just don't know what to do for the best.

Thank you so much for your responses.

Best wishes, Carolyn

Carolyn, for some reason I get a unique kind of gut pain when I use digestive enzymes. Not sure it is a gluten reaction. It happened to me when I used Digest Gold and even when I tried Lactaid pills. I have recently been experimenting with Lactaid milk and got the same pain due to the added lactase I guess. Sorry you are having difficulties. You mentioned that problems are returning after being gluten free for 6 years. How well were you doing prior to the recent flare-up? Are you already off of all processed foods including gluten free processed foods? I had an initial period of feeling very well when I went gluten-free, only to have symptoms return after a couple of years. It's been a mixed bag since then. Been taking a lot more precautions agains cc etc. I'd be interested in hearing your story.
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#713973 Is Arrowhead Mills Gluten Free Maple Buckwheat Cereal Ok?

Posted by on 03 July 2011 - 09:50 AM

I just bought this cereal an hour ago to try, as I've not seen it before. Oh my gosh...I hope that it's okay. I already got glutened today with a new product. Let me know how you all handle it!!!!!!!!!

I'll let you know how it goes if I try it. I'm not knocking Arrowhead mills in particular. Many processed gluten free foods have enough gluten to cause some of us problems. To be honest, for me eating a little of the cereal not very often probably will not effect me too badly. I think a good stategy for some is to eat fresh, non-processed food most of the time and to make sure that if we stray towards processed food, limit the amount you take in. We all just have to figure out where our threshold is and accept the fact that our thresholds do change over time. It can be very frustrating since it is like trying to hit a moving target. What used to work for me 5 years ago definitely doesn't work now.
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