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Member Since 17 Nov 2010
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Topics I've Started

Any Thoughts On Arsenic In Rice?

22 September 2012 - 12:38 PM

I've been eating mountains of rice since becoming gluten-free about 7 years ago. Anyone else concerned about what's been in the news lately about arsenic levels in rice? I started suffering the return of gut issues about 2 years after going gluten free and have been eating non-processed foods because I thought the problem might be cross-contamination. I have felt better, but not completely well. Still unexplained bouts with diarrhea. Nothing too major or long term, just the occasional blow out. Is it possible that a low level arsenic overconsumption could be causing gut symptoms. Nausea and diarrhea are symptoms of serious arsenic poisoning. I wonder if too much arsenic in food would cause gut symptoms without other symptoms showing up first. The web sites I checked all seem to concentrate on the symptoms of severe arsenic poisoning. Have any of you been looking into this issue? If rice consumption is a problem, it is a big concern for the gluten-free community.

Wheat Used To Make Barrels

20 July 2012 - 06:20 PM

I was doubting that wine,whiskey,rum,etc. barrels were held together by wheat containing glue as I had heard. The pieces really aren't glued together I thought, so I went to a couple of web sites to see what was what. I found out, much to my horror, that though the staves (planks) are not glued together, when the heads are set into the ends of the barrel, the groove they fit into is coated with a wheat paste. I was wondering if anyone had looked into whether or not this is still common practice. It seems like an alternative material could be used to seal the heads. Cooperage (barrel making) is a time honored tradition and I fear that the wheat is probably still used. Has anyone researched this already? I figured I would check in before going through the trouble of contacting barrel companies myself. Maybe the industry could use a little pressure to make minor change that would mean a lot to some of us.

Glutened By Dirty Wine Glass

10 June 2012 - 10:32 AM

So I'm out with friends at a soccer game having a really good time. They go to the snack stand and get their food, and I pull my baked potato out of my pocket and eat that. Worked out great and I am getting used to this kind of routine. Then, they suggest that we go by a nearby wine and pastry joint after the game. Why not? We get there and order and I am 2/3 of the way through a nice glass of white wine when I notice a bunch of those dishwasher crumbs stuck to the bottom of the inside of the glass. This place serves pastries and sandwiches, so I knew I was kidding myself if I thought that might be rice stuck to the glass. This all happened last night and today I have some gut pain but no d yet. Hopefully this will be one of those light cc reactions. Doesn't it just stink when you know you've been nailed and all you can do is wait and see what happens? What do you do when you go out and get something to drink? I have long given up on getting food out, but drinks can be a slippery slope too. You have waiters and bartenders with food and beer gluten all over thier hands making and serving your drinks. The dishwasher water is a pool of gluten. What do you do, bring your own glass?

Erawan Flours

21 May 2012 - 06:11 PM

I was wondering if any supersensitives in Australia, New Zealand or anywhere else used Erawan rice flours or Tapioca Starch. I have been having trouble with some other brands and would like to find one that doesn't cause a reaction for me. I am sensitive to some level less than 10ppm based on trial and error-maybe around 5ppm. I have been contempating grinding my own flours, but if I could find a brand that works, it would save me a lot of effort. I posted a similar subject under another category and the only person who had tried Erawan was, I believe, an Aussie. It's made in Thailand. I thought I would see if other internationals have tried it. Thanks, Dave

Any Advice On Grinding Flours?

21 May 2012 - 05:56 PM

Ok, so I'm thinking about taking the plunge and grinding my own flours. Been eyeballing the Nutrimill online- about $270. A voice in my head keeps asking what I will gain by grinding my own, say rice flour. If I am not tolerating rice flour made in a dedicated facility, why would I do any better by grinding my own? I guess one difference would be if I washed the rice before I ground it. I am almost sure some of you do the same based on posts I've read about washing rice before using it. Do any rice flour manufacturers wash it first? I think I read somewhere that you need to wash it or soak it to get rid of a certain taste. What's the best way to dry it after washing it so you can grind it? I have done small amounts in a burr grinder and I dried that in the oven after washing it. I was not happy with the texture the burr grinder produced- not fine enough and it did have a bit of an unpleasant flavor. Any advice?

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